Live Chat Support benefits

Live Chat Support: Benefits and Best Practices

Enhance your customer experience by including amazing live chat support on your website. Wondering how live chat support can help you out? Well, in this blog you will know the benefits and best practices of implementing real-time chat support on the website and more in detail. 

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Knowledge Base For Call Centers

10 Benefits of Knowledge Base For Call Centers

When you are getting connected with customers directly through support or call center service, a knowledge base is one of the effective solutions you can take into account. And if you are running such a service then a knowledge base for call centers can help you set up a self-servicing system that will benefit your support team as well as your customers. Read this post till the end to know all 10 benefits of knowledge base for call centers in detail. Get started!

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Best Company Knowledge Base

10 Essential Tips For Creating The Best Company Knowledge Base 2022

Knowledge base acts as a complete information hub for any organization. If you are running your online business like eCommerce, IT industry, or others, in every aspect managing a separate online documentation platform works as a blessing for customers and an organization itself. That’s why we are here to provide you with some essential tips for creating the best company knowledge base and how to manage it by getting a complete solution. Isn’t it cool? Then take a deep dive into this blog. 

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Index Custom Short Links Google

How To Index Custom Short Links On Google Search & The Ultimate Guide [2022]

Indexing your website URL is one of the most essential planning you have to do when you start building it. Once it has been done successfully, you have to then focus on boosting your search engine ranking. This is where custom short links or URLs come in. It not only redirects your visitors from one link to another but also can index custom short links on Google search and other platforms. 

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top knowledge base examples

Top Knowledge Base Examples You’ll Want To Copy For Your Website [2022]

Customer satisfaction is the main focal point for every business to grow. The more you satisfy your client, the more revenue will generate for your business. Knowledge Base is one of those most effective platforms that help to get more satisfied customers and boost site traffic and conversion. It encourages self-servicing that helps customers to get instant solutions to their problems without continuing long conversations on the support team, and saves time and energy. That’s why this blog is all about letting you know the top knowledge base examples and more in detail. Get started!

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User Feedback BetterDocs

How To Get User Feedback On Your Documentation Using BetterDocs WordPress Plugin [2021]

Collecting user feedback on your online documentation site can be a great way to learn about user perspectives and improve your product or service. If you are using WordPress, you have to get the right solution, specific features, or tools that offer features to help you get customer feedback on an instance. As user feedback can make your product, service, or overall business credible to your potential customers and boost sales immediately. "How To Get User Feedback On Your Documentation Using BetterDocs WordPress Plugin [2021]" পড়া চালিয়ে যান

Translate BetterDocs WordPress Documentation WPML

Guide To Translate BetterDocs WordPress Documentation With WPML

Want to translate BetterDocs WordPress documentation? We have got you covered! BetterDocs exclusive integration with Multilingual Translation Plugin WPML now helps you to translate all your single docs of BetterDocs into your desired languages and make it useful on your multi-language website with ease.

Translate BetterDocs WordPress Documentation WPML

Why Do You Need To Translate Knowledge Documentations?

If you are doing your business online, your customers will not be from one language they can be different language people. How can your customers get help from your self-servicing platform then? This is the reason when your business is online, and your customer base is global, you have to assure your website content, knowledge base supports the multilingual function. 

Translate BetterDocs WordPress Documentation WPML

So that your customer can easily translate documentation into their native languages, and get immediate help. Take a look at some of the important impacts of translating knowledge documentations: 

✅Translating knowledge documentation in different languages is important for all types of global business. 

✅It takes your business standard to the next level that you actually care about your customers’ services. 

✅It also helps you to be more professional and detail-oriented so that you focus on every customer’s satisfaction. 

✅This also creates a comfort zone for all language customers and makes your business credible for them. 

Let’s Get To Know BetterDocs Powerful Integration With WPML 

Translating knowledge base documentation is important to make an alignment with all language customers. That’s why BetterDocs’ powerful integration with the most popular WordPress Multilingual Translation Plugin WPML has been introduced to translate BetterDocs WordPress documentation faster and error-free.

Complete Guide: To Translate BetterDocs WordPress Documentation With WPML

BetterDocs allows you to translate each of your single docs by using Multilingual Translation Plugin WPML. Get a complete guide below to configure each single knowledge base docs of BetterrDocs with multiple languages and satisfy your global customer base on an instance.

Checklist To Look At:

Before doing anything, make sure that you have installed & activated the following plugins on your WordPress site:

If you get all of these three plugins on your WordPress site, you can then take the full facility of multilingual translation using this WPML plugin with BetteDocs. Check out this WPML doc to learn and configure it on your WordPress site.

Translate BetterDocs WordPress Documentation WPML

Step 1: Enable WPML Translation For Docs 

First, you have to enable translation for docs. And to do that, navigate to WPML Settings ⮕ Post Types Translation ⮕ Docs. Make sure to select the ‘Docs’ option and make it ‘Save’ for proceeding with further configuration.

Translate BetterDocs WordPress Documentation WPML

After that, go to the WPML Settings ⮕ Taxonomies Translation section. All you have to do is to enable the ‘Docs Categories’, ‘Docs Tags’, and ‘Knowledge Base’ options from there. Making all the changes accordingly, you have to press the ‘Save’ বোতাম

Translate BetterDocs WordPress Documentation WPML

After successfully you have done with the configuration, hit the ‘Apply’ button and save all the changes. 

Step 2: Translate Your Desired Single Docs Of BetterDocs

In this section, you have to navigate to the BetterDocs ⮕ All Docs. Afterward, you have to click on any of your single docs there you want to translate into your preferred languages.

As you can see a ‘+’ sign there that represents different languages that you have configured earlier. Right now, simply just add translation to your desired docs by clicking on the ‘+’ sign.

Translate BetterDocs WordPress Documentation WPML

For example, you want to translate this single doc into the ‘German’ language. So to do that, you have to go to your preferred BetterDocs single docs and press the ‘+’ sign that comes with the German language editorial. Now, add your German translated content manually there in the editor and save all the changes.

Translate BetterDocs WordPress Documentation WPML

For more detailed instructions, take a look at this documentation and translate BetterDocs WordPress documentation with WPML on an instance. 

Final Outcome: Take A Look At Your Translated BetterDocs WordPress Documentation

Congratulations to you! By following these simple steps, you can easily translate BetterDocs WordPress documentation with the help of WPML supports.  

Translate BetterDocs WordPress Documentation WPML

So without facing any hassle, you can translate BetterDocs WordPress documentation with WPML just by following some simple steps. You can now configure each of your single BetterDocs knowledgebase docs in as many languages as you want with this exclusive integration with the WPML plugin of WordPress.

If you didn’t use this exclusive integration yet, make sure to use it and let us know your experience by commenting below. For any further help, you can contact our dedicated support team, and don’t forget to join our friendly Facebook community to know all WordPress experts.

Do You Actually Need WordPress Documentation Themes? Here’s What You Need Instead

Looking for WordPress documentation themes to create knowledge base? Well, if you get a perfect documentation solutions – an advanced WordPress plugin for creating docs, then you don’t need to look for theme anymore. Instead of depending on documentation themes, you can just the documentation plugin and make a stunning knowledge base within few minutes. 

Why Knowledge Base Documentation Themes?

Customers use knowledge base documentation to get their instant guidelines about product usage, activation, specific features importance, and more. So, business owners have to make their site appearance interactive, user-friendly, and appealing. 

WordPress Documentation Themes

Benefits of Using WordPress Documentation Solution

As we already know the function of the knowledge base that customers can easily do their searches, filter, and find their perfect step-by-step solutions. For that, you have to design your user interface the way your visitors can easily relate to it and get influenced at the very first look. Let’s get detailed about using documentation themes and plugins:

👉Because of website design, overall site appearance matters to your visitors. If they don’t find it homely, stunning that creates attraction, surely they will leave your site immediately. So you will get negative feedback on the spot from your site visitors. Also, your potential customers who are on the way to purchase your products will feel inconvenient and unmotivated. 

👉Documentation plugin like BetterDocs can help you out from this. Because documentation plugin can be used, and customized to design your overall website user interface by including a handy self-servicing look to your valuable customers. 

👉There you feel the necessity of using a complete documentation that will ensure this exclusive supports. Without adding any single line of codes, you can choose the site layout, overall interface outlook, customize it accordingly to make it user-friendly for your customers. 

👉That completely matches with your site environment, works flawlessly, and highlights your advanced facilities outstandingly. This is the reason, people are looking for ready documentation solutions.

Should You Use WordPress Documentation Themes?

WordPress is considered the most flexible open-source platform, where any business to a personal website can easily be built and maintained. To create and manage your online documentation site, you can get a complete solution from WordPress that comes with ready documentation solution, layouts, and other advanced customization facilities.

You can get full control over the design of an online documentation site using a powerful WordPress knowledge base plugin, and enjoy full freedom. 

Introducing BetterDocs, the ultimate powerful knowledge base plugin for WordPress with 10000+ active users. Get ready documentation theme layout, and customize your knowledge base the way you want. Besides, all of this, create and manage multiple knowledge bases using one solution with other exclusive facilities. To know in-depth, take a look at below:   

Get BetterDocs The Ultimate Powerful Documentation Plugin That Comes With Ready Themes 

BetterDocs is one of the most powerful, complete WordPress knowledge base solutions to create, manage and organize your online documentation. It helps you to save your all product or service-related docs securely in one place. You can organize the outlook of your entire online documentation site in advance with BetterDocs.  

 To configure your knowledge base site design, you have to first navigate to BetterDocs Settings → Layout অধ্যায়.

There you will find three exclusive features for the documentation site, single doc, and archive page to choose where you want to make the changes or go with the default designs.

WordPress Documentation Themes

Besides, you can customize the design of your entire online documentation site by navigating to the Design SectionCustomization BetterDocs.

WordPress Documentation Themes

From there you can make changes to each section that you have enabled from the settings with other advanced facilities. The entire outlook can be customized like your whole knowledge base site docs page, single doc, sidebar, live search, and more.

WordPress Documentation Themes

Moreover, BetterDocs is compatible with any type of WordPress theme or page builder. Except this, you have lots of other exclusive facilities to explore with BetterDocs. That can help you to create and manage your entire knowledgebase to the next level. 

Explore BetterDocs Powerful Integration With Elementor 

BetterDocs is exclusively integrated with Elementor page builder. It allows you to use ready blocks or complete layouts of BetterDocs to design your knowledge base up to the mark. You can now create a single page or display your entire BetterDocs online documentation in Elementor by using Essential Addons powerful elements like EA BetterDocs Search Form, EA BetterDocs Category Box, or EA BetterDocs Category Grid.

All Exclusive Features Of BetterDocs WordPress Knowledge Base Solution

As you already know BetterDocs documentation themes facility, it’s now time to get a brief about all the other exclusive features of this powerful knowledge base solution. You can create unlimited documentation using BetterDocs, manage multiple knowledge base sites, analyze your online documentation performance with Analytics support, and much more. Take a look!

Create & Manage Multiple Knowledge Base Site

BetterDocs comes with Multiple KB features. Which will help you to maintain multi knowledge base sites, facilitated with complete customization facilities. You can now easily create, manage and organize your different products, and services unlimited docs creating separate sites. This will comfort your customers and encourage them to use your self-servicing. Besides, it will increase your knowledge base site both buyer and seller productivity without killing any extra time.

Because you can maintain distinct sites for separate products or services without maintaining one documentation site for multiple things. That seems clumsy and messy at the same time. Customers can get confused too. So for both sides, you can now explore and take advantage of this exclusive feature.

BetterDocs comes with an advanced সুচিপত্র এবং Sticky Table of Contents features to sort each documentation headline in it. Your customers can easily look at what you are providing and can jump to any header steps by clicking each. If you enable the sticky table actually of contents one, this will go along with the whole doc when your readers are scrolling through the doc. You just have to make sure that these features are enabled from your 'একক ডক' layout settings.

WordPress Documentation Themes

Measure Your Online Knowledgebase Documentation Performance

You will get a default Analytics service with BetterDocs. Where you can check out your all documentation, or specific views and feelings using this exclusive feature. This will help you to identify all your flaws, improve those immediately and engage with your audiences more.

WordPress Documentation Themes

Exclusive Instant Answer ChatBot Facility 

Instant Answer ChatBot is being introduced for scale customer support tickets for random queries. Customers can now find their exact documentation solution using this live documentation chatbot. If they just search even any character there, its advanced filter will provide all related options there. They can choose and get their instant solution from there without taking any support help. You can leave your feedback, provide your reactions, and more using this amazing instant answer chatbot tool.

Even if you want you can customize the entire outlook of this chatbot that matches your site environment. Or if your site is not WordPress built, you can also configure it through Cross Domain Settings facility.

WordPress Documentation Themes

So you can now explore BetterDocs all-in-one knowledgebase solution to make your knowledge base site creation customize your site design the way you want using its fully customizable and manageable documentation themes. If you face any difficulties regarding this plugin, feel free to contact our support team. 

If you find this blog helpful, share your experience by commenting below. Don’t forget to check more exciting blogs, tutorials, and join our exclusive WordPress experts community on Facebook.   

FAQ Page

5 Tips For Creating Effective FAQ Pages & How to Make Your Own

In the digital world, frequently asked questions or FAQ pages of any website is the most effective place for visitors to get their solution about the products they are using. Potential customers to active ones are visiting those pages frequently to know detail about your product usages, features, functions, or more.

Besides, a well-organized FAQ page can help you out to rank your site higher in search engines like Google, Bing, or others to maintain your product credibility and reduce support pressure. So this blog’s purpose is to lead you towards five effective tips to build a killer FAQ page.

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Single Doc Template

How To Design Stunning Single Doc Template Using Elementor Theme Builder

If you are maintaining a knowledgebase website, each page outlook and especially the single doc template design is very important for better user experience. It has to be clean, interactive, and well-organized for your visitors to look at. 

Because when your clients take help from the self-servicing docusmentation, they should easily understand to every step. Let’s take a deep dive into the details blog below.

Single Doc Template

Benefits Of Designing A Stunning Single Doc Template 

A single doc template has to be fully-functional, attractive, and responsive for your visitors. Your knowledgebase’s impression will rely on its design pattern. If you are creating a beautiful, organized one, your audience can easily find their solution parts and get attached to it. They will feel reliable about your offered services and be your permanent customers to potential ones.  

That’s why you have to be careful about your single doc template design. For sure, you have to ensure the user-friendliness of the template design. That consists of an organized table of contents, sidebars, descriptions, and more. That can design your single documentation template easily with interactive elements. In the meantime, engage more customers to it that they feel comfortable getting help.

How To Design An Interconnecting Single Doc Template In WordPress?

You don’t have to roam around anywhere now to build an interactive and interconnecting single doc template in WordPress. Exclusive integration of BetterDocs with the Elementor now can help you to do that beautifully. 

You can create and display every single documentation in a well-organized, and predesigned page template. That will help to attract your huge audience base right away. You can show your product purchasing to usage documentation in detail hereby using BetterDocs advanced elements for Elementor. Let’s get started now!

Watch The Video Tutorial

How To Create A Standout Single Doc Template Using Elementor?

To create an Elementor single doc template with BetterDocs, you must build your knowledgebase site using this exclusive online documentation plugin. 

So first of all, make sure you have installed and activated BetterDocs এবং Elementor প্রো in your WordPress site. And you are now fully ready to create a stunning single doc template in Elementor theme builder by following the step-by-step guidelines below:

Step 1: Configure Elementor Theme Builder 

First, go to your WordPress dashboard Elementor Templates→Theme Builder→Add New.

Single Doc Template

You have to pick 'একক ডক' and give a name to the template to get started.

Single Doc Template

Step 2: Pick Your Preferred BetterDocs Elements For Elementor 

You will get all exclusive elements to create your single doc template in Elementor and showcase your BetterDocs documentation beautifully on site.

Single Doc Template

You can drag & drop the ‘ডক অনুসন্ধান ফর্ম’ element first to provide an advanced live search panel to facilitate your visitors. There they can easily find out their solutions using the self-servicing platform of your Elementor site.

Single Doc Template

Afterward, you can কাস্টমাইজ your search panel look the way you want and make it interactive for your site visitors. 

Single Doc Template

Besides, you can add ‘Breadcrumbs’, ‘Title’, ‘Date’, ‘Content’ to highlight the step by step guidelines of your single doc beautifully in this section.      

Single Doc Template

You can add BetterDocs ‘Sidebar’ to enlighten your potential customers about your other related docs in an organized way in that panel and get instant helped. You just have to drag & drop the element, and it will automatically fetch all related docs in it.

Single Doc Template

However, you can use ‘Navigation’, ‘Share’, ‘Feedback’ to give a complete look at your single doc template using the Elementor theme builder. If you want to use ‘Reactions’, then make sure you have activated BetterDocs Pro to unlock this advanced feature and get facilitated.

Single Doc Template

আপনি পারেন 'স্টাইল' each of the sections of your elements that will help you to change the outlook of your single page template as per your preferences. 

Single Doc Template

Step 3: Choose The Template Display Location 

Afterward, you can now publish your single doc template just by hitting the 'প্রকাশ' বোতাম

Single Doc Template

It will then come with a popup window. From there, you have to ‘Add Conditions’ to choose the perfect location to display your single page template on the Elementor site.

Single Doc Template

চূড়ান্ত ফলাফল

Congratulations! By following this easy step by step guidelines, you will be able to create and display your single doc template using BetterDocs exclusive elements for Elementor.

Single Doc Template

BetterDocs helps you to create a beautifully organized knowledgebase of your own. Now, if you want it to make this for your Elementor site, you can do that using BetterDocs advanced elements with ease. You don’t have to add any code, just by drag & drop your preferred element, and you are there to attract your visitors with a well-organized single documentation template.

Explore BetterDocs now and let us share your experience by commenting below. Also, you can join our Facebook community to get connected with other WordPress experts.