Come creare e pubblicare una nuova documentazione in BetterDocs

BetterDocs lasciati create and publish new documentation easily by following some simple step by step guidelines. Let’s follow the instructions below to create and publish new documentation in BetterDocs.


Step 1: Install & Activate BetterDocs  #

Before start creating new documentation in BetterDocs, you have to first make sure, you have to install and activate BetterDocs on WordPress.

new documentation BetterDocs

Step 2: Add New Documentation #

Apri la dashboard di WordPress e vai a BetterDocs>> Aggiungi nuovo. Crea la documentazione come qualsiasi altro post / pagina WordPress.

Una volta che hai il Doc pronto, devi assegnare una Categoria e un Tag prima di pubblicare. From the right sidebar navigate to Document>>Categories. From there you can assign an existing Category or create a new one. From the same place, you can assign Tags.

Step 3: Publish New Documentation #

Una volta terminato di scrivere il documento con BetterDocs, hit the Blue Button labeled 'Pubblicare' at the top-right corner of the screen.

new documentation BetterDocs

Esito finale #

By simply following all the above steps, you will be able to create and publish your new documentation easily with BetterDocs on your WordPress website.

new documentation BetterDocs

That’s how you can simply create and publish new documentation with BetterDocs just within a few steps. 

Getting Stuck? Feel free to contact our dedicated team di supporto for further assistance.

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