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How To Embed Google Docs Or PDF Documents In WordPress for FREE [2021]

If you’re looking for an embedding solution that will allow you to insert any document into your WordPress site, we’ve got you covered. EmbedPress is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to embed Google Docs or PDF files. Not only that, but EmbedPress also supports the most popular WordPress editors to give you more flexibility and can help you embed any kind of content from more than 100 websites

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Should SAAS Companies Use WordPress For Creating Knowledge Base?

Giving the best customer support is important for every business, and this is undeniable for SaaS companies that they should take time to create a fully functional baza wiedzy. So if you are thinking of the easiest way to do so, then you must consider using WordPress.

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Today, we are going to take a look at the pros and cons of SaaS companies using WordPress for creating their knowledge base instead of setting up a knowledge base software.

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What Is A Knowledge Base & Why Do SAAS Companies Need To Create One?

As mentioned earlier, SaaS companies must need to focus on providing great customer support if they want to sell their products or services.

To do that, you have to answer your customer queries and solve their problems as swiftly as possible. The fastest and most effective way to do this is by creating informative, high-performing documentation articles, or knowledge base. With useful documentation articles or a content-rich knowledge base set up, you can easily scale customer support and provide superior service that way.

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In fact, research shows that 40% of customers prefer self-service to fix their own problems. And most of them prefer knowledge base over all other self-service channels. 

So SaaS companies should definitely consider setting up a knowledge base for their customers.

There are two ways SaaS companies can set up a knowledge base for their customers. They can choose to invest in knowledge base software. Or, they can use WordPress for creating a knowledge base with the help of WordPress plugins.

Why Create A Knowledge Base On WordPress?

If your main website is already created with WordPress, then it makes sense to create your knowledge base on WordPress. As you can simply use a plugin to add new documentation articles and documentation pages to your site. 

In addition to this, using WordPress for creating a knowledge base is fairly simple, flexible, and quite affordable when compared to the costs and complications of setting up a knowledge base software. You can use knowledge base plugins to quickly and effortlessly set up your documentation articles on your website.

Dokumentacja WordPress

Besides this, with WordPress, you can get the option to customize your knowledge base with more freedom and flexibility. You can even style your knowledge base pages so that it matches the branding of your main website.

Finally, as WordPress is one of the best Content Management Systems (CMS) available, you will find it easy to create and manage your knowledge base articles, organize them into categories and update them regularly.

For these reasons, SaaS companies should use WordPress for creating their knowledge base.

How To Easily Create A WordPress Knowledge Base?

Creating a WordPress knowledge base does not have to be challenging. In fact, there are tons of amazing documentation plugins that SaaS companies can use to set up a stunning WordPress knowledge base.

One of the best ones among such plugins is BetterDocs. This powerful WordPress knowledge base plugin will help SaaS companies to create documentation articles and scale customer support.

BetterDocs comes with tons of advanced features. In addition to creating and managing your documentation with ease, you can get insightful analytics to evaluate the performation of your WordPress knowledge base, enable Natychmiastowe odpowiedzi to provide solutions to customers instantly, add a sticky Spis treści and much more.

How To Use BetterDocs To Set Up Your Knowledge Base?

In this section, we are going to explore the features of BetterDocs and see how SaaS companies can use this documentation plugin to reduce their support tickets.

Create Attractive Documentation Pages With Ease

With BetterDocs, you get access to several ready templates which you can use to create attractive documentation pages.

For instance, you can easily configure your documentation home page by navigating to BetterDocs→ Settings→ Layout z pulpitu WordPress. From here, you can choose the ready layouts or customize your documentation page by selecting number of columns, and posts. You can also choose to enable a live search bar, use a masonry layout, and much more.

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By following the same instructions as above, you can also configure your „Single Doc” page and your „Strona archiwów” in BetterDocs. All you have to do is click on the respective tabs and play around with the settings there.

This way, SaaS companies can use BetterDocs to easily set up several documentation pages for their WordPress knowledge base.

Style Your Documentation Pages With Built-in Customizer

You can style your documentation pages with BetterDocs using the built-in Customizer. You can use this Customizer by navigating to BetterDocs→ Settings from your WordPress dashboard as shown below.

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You can click on the „Dostosuj BetterDocs” button to style your documentation pages. You will be redirected to a new page from where you can style your WordPress knowledge base in any way you want. You can change the background colors, font styles, and more. Play around with the settings available until you are happy with the look of your WordPress knowledge base.

Use Advanced Live Search To Make Navigation Easier

Another useful feature that you get with BetterDocs is the option to add an advanced live search to your documentation page. By clicking on the ‘Live Search’ tab in the Customizer, you can add an advanced live search to your WordPress knowledge base.

This way, SaaS companies can make it easier for their website visitors to quickly find the relevant articles they are looking for. 

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Translate Your Documentation Instantly With WPML

Of course, to scale customer support, it is important to make sure that your documentation articles are readable and easily understood to all site visitors. And to help you do just that, BetterDocs comes with seamless integration with WordPress Multilingual Plugin

This means you can now easily translate your documentation pages in any language you want, so that site visitors from anywhere in the world can resolve their problems without facing issues of language barriers.

Advanced Integration With Elementor & Essential Addons

Another reason why SaaS companies should create their WordPress knowledge base with BetterDocs is because it comes with advanced integrations with the website builder Elementor. This means that if you want to create your WordPress knowledge base instantly without any coding, then you can use BetterDocs and its seamless integration with Elementor.

Design Single Doc Pages With Elementor Theme Builder

With BetterDocs installed, you can easily create stunning single doc pages in Elementor Theme Builder in less than 5 minutes. BetterDocs comes with 10 different widgets for helping you create your single doc page in Elementor as shown below.

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You can use these widgets to create your single doc page from scratch. Or you can use and insert the ready blocks for Elementor that comes with BetterDocs to create your single doc page in a single click.

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Make Your Documentation Pages More Attractive With Essential Addons

In addition to this BetterDocs can also be integrated with Essential Addons For Elementor. This is one of the most popular addons library for Elementor with more than 1 million active users i 70+ amazing widgets. This includes 3 documentation elements for BetterDocs. Read our tutorial on how to use these widgets to create beautiful documentation pages in Elementor.

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Unlock More With BetterDocs PRO

To get the most of BetterDocs, SaaS companies can install BetterDocs PRO and get access to exclusive features. In this section, we take a look at what BetterDocs PRO has to offer.

Manage Multiple Knowledge Bases In One WordPress Site

With BetterDocs Pro you can create and manage multiple knowledge bases in one WordPress website. This is very useful for SaaS companies who have multiple products and services.

You can enable this option by going to BetterDocs–> Settings–> General from your WordPress dashboard. Just click on the „Włącz wiele baz wiedzy” checkboxes at the very top of the page.

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Evaluate And Analyze Your WordPress Knowledge Base Performance

Z pomocą BetterDocs PRO, you can configure analytics to evaluate the performance of your WordPress knowledge base. This feature is very useful as it well help you understand whether your WordPress knowledge base requires any improvements so you can scale your support tickets.

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Provide Instant Answers To Customers With BetterDocs Pro

In order to provide superior customer support, you have to be able to resolve customer queries as soon as possible. To help you do that, BetterDocs Pro comes with an advanced feature known as the Instant Answers ChatBot. With this Instant Answers feature, customers can quickly find solutions and resolve their problems.

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With these advanced features from BetterDocs Pro, SaaS companies can easily reduce their customer support tickets and provide better service by creating an outstanding WordPress knowledge base.  

Scale Your Support Tickets With BetterDocs

To sum it up, SaaS companies can use WordPress to create their knowledge base as it is more flexible and feasible that way. And with advanced documentation plugins like BetterDocs, setting up your WordPress knowledge base has never been easier.

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How To Create Beautiful Documentation Pages Using Elementor Without Any Coding

If you are struggling to respond quickly to customer queries, then you will be happy to know that you can reduce your support tickets by creating documentation pages using Elementor without any coding.

Documentation pages or knowledge base is important for everyone regardless of what kind of website or business you are running.

Whether you are a plugin developer, or you are running an online education website, or you have eCommerce website, there are many advantages of having a high quality knowledge base. 

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to create beautiful documentation pages using Elementor without having to touch a single line of code.

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What Are Documentation Pages & Why Would You Need It?

Documentation pages, or knowledge base, are essentially web pages that contain detailed information about your products and services. You might find them useful for several reasons:

👉 Reducing Support Tickets:

Studies have shown that most online customers prefer self-service instead of waiting for someone from the support team to respond to their email inquiries.

Korzyści z dokumentacji bazy wiedzy w celu skalowania obsługi klienta

This is where documentation pages can help you. By creating a visually appealing and informative knowledge base, customers can solve their own issues by searching for the information they are looking for in your documentation page. 

In this way, you can reduce support tickets with documentation pages.

👉 Increasing Efficiency Of Your Support Team

Since customers are likely to try to resolve their issues by going through your documentation pages, the workload on your support team is reduced. 

This way, you support team can focus more on complex issues and also save time by redirecting customers to your documentation pages. Your support team’s overall efficiency and productivity will increase with the help of knowledge base. 

👉 Improve SEO Ranking & Build Brand Awareness

Documentation pages are the most visited pages on any site. They can help you increase organic traffic and improve your SEO if you use the right key-words in your knowledge base. 

So, as you get more and more visits to your documentation pages, your website SEO ranking will improve. This will help your site appear at the top of the search results page, and thus help you increase brand awareness as well.

Create Stunning Documentation Pages In Elementor With The Power Of BetterDocs

Now that you know what documentation pages are, you might be wondering which documentation solution might be right for you. No matter what kind of WordPress website you are running, one of the best and most powerful knowledge base solutions that you can use with Elementor is BetterDocs.

With BetterDocs, you can create the most effective, efficient and also attractive looking knowledge base without any coding. It is also perfectly compatible with Elementor, and comes with some amazing features such as:

✔️ 10+ Elementor widgets to create your documentation pages.

✔️ Ready Blocks for creating single doc templates in Elementor.

✔️ Sticky Table of Content for better navigation.

✔️ Advanced live search to find relevant articles quickly.

✔️ Analytics & reports to evaluate your knowledge base performance.

Watch The Video Tutorial

How To Create Documentation Pages In Elementor?

If you want to create documentation pages in Elementor using BetterDocs, then the best way to go about it is by installing Essential Addons For Elementor. This is the most popular widget addons for Elementor and is recommended by more than 1 million happy users.

Z Essential Addons dla Elementor, not only do you get access to 70+ amazing widgets for Elementor, but you can also 3 additional knowledge base elements just for BetterDocs.

These include the BetterDocs Search Form element to help you add a live search bar to your documentation page without coding, and BetterDocs Category Grid to display your knowledge base articles in an attractive grid layout. And last but not the least, you will also get access to BetterDocs Category Box element, which lets you showcase your documentation in eye-catching box layout.

Once you are done installing BetterDocs and Essential Addons, follow these basic steps to start creating beautiful documentation pages in Elementor.

Step 1: Write Articles For Your Documentation In BetterDocs

The first step to creating your documentation pages is to write relevant articles that will be useful for your site visitors and users. To create and publish new documentation all you have to do is navigate to BetterDocs→ Add New as shown below. 

documentation pages

Enter the content for your documentation article and add categories and tags. A high quality knowledge base is one that is well-organized and appropriately tagged and categorized. So, when you are done writing your documentation, you can organize it by setting the right tags and categories.

documentation pages

Step 2: Create Your Documentation Pages In Elementor

Next, create a new page in Elementor by navigating to Pages→ Add New from your WordPress dashboard and clicking on the blue ‘Edit With Elementor’ button at the top. When the Elementor Editor is done loading, type ‘BetterDocs’ in the search bar under the ‘ELEMENTS’ tab. You should be able to see three BetterDocs elements as shown below.

documentation pages

This is where the fun part begins. There are two ways you can create beautiful documentation pages in Elementor–you can use the ‘BetterDocs Category Grid’ or the ‘BetterDocs Category Box’ elements  to design your knowledge base.

Step 3: Add A Live Search Bar In Your Documentation Page

To make your documentation easier to navigate, add a live search bar at the top by dragging and dropping the ‘BetterDocs Search Form’ element in your documentation page. Once you have dropped the element on any section, it will appear on your website by default as shown below.

Afterwards, you only need to style the search bar by adjusting the colors, typography and more. You can even customize the entire search form layout, the style of your result list and more.

documentation pages

When you are done you should be able to see an attractive looking search bar for your documentation. This will help your site visitors to quickly navigate through your knowledge base and find the relevant articles they need.

Step 4: Display Your Documentation In Grid Or Box Layouts

Let’s start with the ‘BetterDocs Category Grid’. You can activate BetterDocs Category Grid simply dragging and dropping it anywhere on your page.

Next, configure the content settings by heading over to the 'Zadowolony' tab and playing around with the settings under the ‘Query’ option and the ‘Layout Options’

Dzięki ‘Query’ option you get to have the freedom to choose which documentation categories should be visible on your website, and organize it by name, ascending or descending order and much more

documentation pages

Similarly from the ‘Layout Option’ you can choose the layout, display tags, icons, titles, and much more.

After configuring the content, you can customize your documentation page by heading over to the 'Styl' tab and playing around with the options ther

When you are done you should be able to see a stunning documentation page in a beautiful grid layout as shown below.

Alternatively, you can also create an attractive box layout with the ‘BetterDocs Category Box’ element. All you have to do is follow the same steps shown above to create a beautiful documentation page in Elementor with a box layout.

documentation pages

Just like that, you have created your own custom documentation page with BetterDocs i Elementor. In a matter of minutes, you can create documentation pages like these to set up a high performing knowledge base and reduce your support tickets. 

documentation pages

How To Create Documentation Templates In Elementor

If you are using Elementor Pro, then you can create your documentation pages even faster with BetterDocs and Elementor Theme Builder. You can use the 10+ widgets from BetterDocs to create a stunning single doc template in Elementor Theme Builder.

Once this template is created, you can apply it to every documentation page and use this template everywhere on your website.

That’s not all. BetterDocs comes with ready blocks for Elementor Theme Builder. With these ready blocks, you don’t have to worry about creating your single doc template from scratch. You can simply insert these blocks, add your own content, and your single doc template will be ready for use.

Check out our detailed tutorial below to find out more about how to create single doc pages in Elementor Theme Builder with BetterDocs.

Bonus: Use BetterDocs Advanced Features And Scale Your Support Tickets

So you have created your documentation pages in Elementor with BetterDocs. What’s next?

Well, BetterDocs has many advanced features to offer with which you can scale your support tickets and enhance customer experience. For instance, you can use the Instant Answers ChatBot to provide answers to your customers instantly whenever they face any problem.

You can also evaluate the performance of your knowledge base by using Analityka feature from BetterDocs. With this feature, you can get insightful data about how your knowledge base is performing by checking the views and feedback your documentation pages have received. 

WordPress Documentation Themes

If you want to unlock these amazing and advanced features, then get BetterDocs Pro and start scaling your support tickets. 


With these easy steps, you can create beautiful documentation pages using Elementor without any coding. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or join our Facebook Community to connect with other Elementor users like yourself!

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How To Create Multiple Knowledge Bases In A WordPress Site Using BetterDocs

Handling customer support tickets is always stressful and time-consuming. Especially if you have several different products, it gets harder to manage. Don’t worry, there is an easy solution – you can scale your customer support by creating multiple knowledge bases in one WordPress site. 

This way, you can organize documentation articles for each product. When your customers face an issue, they can read these articles to solve it. Read on below to find out more about documentation pages, and how you can benefit by creating multiple knowledge bases.

Wiele baz wiedzy

Guide To Multiple Knowledge Bases: What You Need To Know

Have you ever visited a website and noticed they have a “FAQ” page? That is an example of a baza wiedzy. But, to actually scale your customer support, you need to go beyond that FAQ page. The modern knowledge base requires you to create high performing, informative content. It needs to have all the information your customer may need to solve any of their issues. This includes creating multiple knowledge bases for each of your products and organizing them with categories and tags.

Think of a customer purchasing a washing machine for the first time. They will need to know how to use the washing machine. They will need to know how to set it up, and what to do if it suddenly stops working. Similarly, customers may also face problems when using your products. A baza wiedzy or documentation pages, gives information about your products to customers. They help customers solve their problems by themselves, much like an instruction manual. 

So what do you do when you have several different products? It will be difficult to organize and manage your documentation for each product. This is where multiple knowledge bases comes in. With multiple knowledge base in one WordPress site, you can manage your documentation efficiently.

Create Stunning Multiple Knowledge Bases On WordPress With Betterdocs

Z pomocą BetterDocs, creating multiple knowledge bases is easier than ever. This powerful WordPress solution will help you create stunning documentation without any coding. You will get many features with which you can create a high performing knowledge base. These features include:

 ✔️ A collection of beautiful, ready-to-use templates
✔️ Multiple knowledge base feature
✔️ A built-in customizer 
✔️ A dynamic, sticky Table of Content 
✔️ Advanced Live Search feature
✔️ Analytics & Report 
✔️ Instant Answers ChatBot 
✔️ SEO friendly documentation using proper Schema Markup  

Want to find out more about BetterDocs? Check out this quick video below.

Introducing BetterDocs: The Ultimate Knowledge Base Solution For WordPress

How To Create And Manage Multiple Knowledge Bases Using BetterDocs

As you can see, there are tons of amazing features available with BetterDocs. In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a multiple knowledge bases using BetterDocs. Follow these step-by-step guidelines shown below.

Note that the multiple knowledge bases feature is only available with BetterDocs Pro. So, in order to create and manage multiple knowledge base in WordPress, you must have both the free and premium versions of BetterDocs.

Step 1: Install And Activate BetterDocs On WordPress

First, install and activate BetterDocs on your WordPress website. Navigate to Plugins→ Add New from your dashboard and search for „BetterDocs”. Click ‘Install’ and then ‘Activate’.

Wiele baz wiedzy

Next, install BetterDocs Pro także.

Step 2: Create Multiple Knowledge Bases Feature In BetterDocs

Now you have to enable the option for multiple knowledge bases in BetterDocs. Navigate to BetterDocs–> Settings–> General from your WordPress dashboard. You will find the ‘Enable Multiple Knowledge Bases’ checkboxs at the very top of the page. Check to enable this feature.

Zarządzaj wieloma bazami wiedzy

You will see that a new option „Wiele KB” is now available in your WordPress dashboard. Click on it to start creating multiple knowledge bases for your WordPress site. Give a name to your knowledge base by filling in the ‘Name’ input field under the „Dodaj nową bazę wiedzy” section. You can also add ‘Slug’ and ‘Description’ for each of your knowledge base if you want.

Zarządzaj wieloma bazami wiedzy

When you are done, click on the blue „Dodaj nową bazę wiedzy” button. Repeat this process for each knowledge base that you need to create.

You have now successfully created multiple knowledge bases in one WordPress site. Well done! Now it’s time to add documentation articles for your knowledge base. Move on to the next step to find out how to do this.

Step 3: Write Documentation Articles And Set Categories & Tags

To create a high performing knowledge base, you need to manage your categories and tags. To set your categories, navigate to BetterDocs→ Categories. Add suitable categories for your documentation articles.

Zarządzaj wieloma bazami wiedzy

Afterwards, add your documentation articles by going to BetterDocs→ Add New. When you are done writing your documentation, add the appropriate categories and tags. You can do this from the options available on the right side of the page under 'Kategorie' i ‘Tags’

Make sure to also add the knowledge base for which you wrote your documentation. You can do this from the options under the ‘Knowledge Base’ Sekcja.

Zarządzaj wieloma bazami wiedzy

Step 4: Customize The Appearance Of Multiple Knowledge Bases

Now that you are done setting up multiple knowledge base, it is time to customize the appearance. After all, you want your documentation to be visually appealing to site visitors. Head over to BetterDocs–> Settings–> Design i kliknij „Dostosuj BetterDocs” przycisk.

Zarządzaj wieloma bazami wiedzy

This will redirect you to the Customizer in WordPress. From here, you will see that there is a section called „Wiele KB”. There are two layouts available currently; pick the one that you like best. Then, change the background colors, content area width, title color, and more. Play around with the settings here until you are happy with the appearance of your multiple knowledge base.

Zarządzaj wieloma bazami wiedzy

Step 5: Preview Final Outcome & Publish Your Documentation

If you are done with the customizing, then preview your final outcome and see if you are happy with the results. When you are ready, publish your multiple knowledge base to share it with your site visitors.

Zarządzaj wieloma bazami wiedzy


If you have successfully followed these five simple steps, then congratulations! You have created multiple knowledge bases in one WordPress site using BetterDocs. Now, you will be able to handle customer support tickets much more easily and streamline the workflow for your support team. 

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