Jak aktywować klucz licencyjny BetterDocs?

If you are using a free version, you don’t need to activate the BetterDocs license. To check how to install BetterDocs PRO, you can check out this dokumentacja. If you are using the Pro version, follow the steps below :

Get Your BetterDocs License Key: #

Idź do swojego Konto WPDeveloper. Od ‘My Account’ tab, you can see the BetterDocs plugin which you have purchased. Simply just ‘Copy’ the License Key from there.

Activate BetterDocs PRO License

Activating License Key: #

Now, Switch back to your WordPress Website. Then, navigate to wp-admin -> BetterDocs -> Ustawienia. Od ‘License’ tab, paste your license key and click on the ‘Activate License‘ button.

Activate BetterDocs PRO License

After you have successfully Activated your License Key, this how the ‘License’ tab is going to look like:

Activate BetterDocs PRO License

Troubleshooting : #

  1. If you face any issue, you should see an admin notice describing the error such as “Invalid License” or “License Expired”. So, you can understand the license status.
  2. If you see it’s not activating or not showing any notice, hard refresh the page and clean your cache if you have any caching plugin. Then try again.
  3. If you still can not figure out, no worries, reach out to our support team and we will assist you to solve the issue.

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