Build FAQ Section & Create A Knowledge Base Con BetterDocs For Shopify

Keep your customers satisfied with BetterDocs, an advanced help desk & knowledge base app for Shopify eCommerce businesses

Set Up FAQ & Help Center For Shopify Stores Using BetterDocs

Add & Style FAQ Section On Your Shopify Store Instantly

Create a user-friendly FAQ sections on your store and answer all the customer queries before even the reach out to your support team
Add & Style FAQ Section On Your Shopify Store Instantly
Create High Performing Knowledge Base Effortlessly

Create High Performing Knowledge Base Effortlessly

Use BetterDocs to effortlessly create a content-rich, high performing knowledge base or documentation & scale customer support

Enable Live Chat Feature On Your Shopify Store

Integrate WhatsApp & Messenger with your store to let your customers connect with you in real time and improve the user experience
Enable Live Chat Feature On Your Shopify Store
Provide Easy Order Tracking Experience & Collect Feedback

Provide Easy Order Tracking Experience & Collect Feedback

Get instant feedback from your customers & let them track orders from any page by simply inserting their order number and boost your customer experience

Design Knowledge Base & Embed FAQ App Block Anywhere

Add your FAQs on any page you want from your Shopify theme customizer and make your knowledge base stand out with advanced built-in customizer
Design Knowledge Base & Embed FAQ App Block Anywhere

Enhance User Experience With More Exclusive Features

Get useful features like Magic AI Autowrite, Table of Contents, advanced Live Search Bar and take strategic decision with in-built Analytics

Build Your Shopify Knowledge Base Instantly With BetterDocs

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How Can BetterDocs Help My Shopify Store?

Great customer service is essential for any business. With BetterDocs, you can create knowledge base articles to reduce customer support tickets, which in turn will give your customers a better experience in your store and help you retain them.

What Is A Knowledge Base Or Documentation?

A knowledge base is a collection of helpful articles about your business, products, and services that can help customers find answers to their questions & reduce support tickets.

Why Do You Need A Knowledge Base For eCommerce?

By setting up a knowledge base for your eCommerce store, you can ensure your customers can find answers to their problems quickly & thus retain them with a better customer service experience.

Why Do You Need Product FAQs?

Having product FAQs can help the customer learn more about your products. They don’t have to search elsewhere to find the details of your products. Therefore, you can easily convert your visitors into customers by answering their queries about your product.

Should You Include Live Chat Option In Your Store?

A live chat option in your eCommerce store can help your customers to connect with you instantly when needed. If you include a live chat option on your website, you can easily improve your conversion rate by communicating with your customers.

What Is A Help Center In Shopify Store?

In the Shopify store, the help center means creating separate documentation to help customers find their solutions. If you build a help center in your Shopify store, it will boost your customer experience at ease.

What Is Self-Service Help Center?

A self-service help center is a well-organized and documented directory of information about products, services, tutorials, or instructions. If you have a self-service help center in your store,  your customers can visit and find the answers to their queries by themselves, without contacting the support team.

What Is Magic AI Autowrite Feature?

The Magic AI Autowrite feature from BetterDocs For Shopify can help you to automatically generate FAQs & Documentation with the power of AI. Using this amazing feature, you can build a knowledge base help center for your store instantly.