How To Create API Documentation: A Guide For Developers

Assume you just purchased a new PlayStation 5 and are going to set it up. What is the first thing you do?

Good heavens! You have a product manual to guide you! Simply follow the instructions in the booklet, and you’re done! Your console is now prepared to play your favorite games. API documentation is also similar to how a device manual walks you through setup and installation and can assist you in setting an API. In today’s blog, we will discuss how to create API documentation in the most incredible way possible. 

Create API Documentation

What Is API Documentation? Types & Examples

API documentation is classified into three types: reference, tutorial, and conceptual. Let’s discuss them and easily create API documentation of your own. 

👉Reference API Documentation

Reference documentation describes the structure, arguments, and return values for each API function or method. As developers invest the majority of their time in reference documentation, this is the most crucial type of API documentation.

👉Tutorial Based Documentation

Tutorials walk you through the process of accessing APIs to do certain tasks. If your users want to learn about different use cases, tutorials can assist. Tutorials provide step-by-step explanations on how to use various function calls and arguments.

👉Conceptual API Documentation

Conceptual documentation, as opposed to tutorials, provides superior information, such as how to integrate APIs to develop apps and combine APIs into a single application.

6 Easy Ways To Create API Documentation

Here are some ways for your team to create API documentation in the finest way possible. 

📕Convey Your Story

What is the first thing someone sees when they visit your API documentation?

You should convey a story if you want to promote engagement and establish a foundation of regular users. Documentation has a negative reputation since it is often complex and detailed, yet for many businesses, the documentation now serves as both the package and the instruction manual for their product.

What is your story, and what role do API users play in that tale? Marvel, for example, provides a public API that allows developers to query the comic book canon. Whenever you want to create API documentation, you need to keep this aspect in mind.

Create API Documentation

When someone gets to the portal, the tale is quite clear: “Create Awesome Stuff using the World’s Greatest Comic API”.

⚙️ Be Precise, Even If You Have To Be Technical

Since APIs are guidelines for software or hardware, you’ll need to mention certain technical jargon in your documentation. If you want to be a technical writer, resist the need to be unclear.

An excellent document is one that is relevant, direct, and clear, rather than one with intricate grammatical patterns. It can only be related if expressed in plain, easy-to-understand language.

🎯 Develop A Clear Structure With Use Cases

Unless a developer is just browsing, they will have a project in mind by the time they reach your documentation. By highlighting the most frequent use cases or operations that your API may enable, you can shorten the time it takes developers to obtain the information they require.

Slack does a good job at this as well, with options like “Send messages,” “Create simple workflows,” and “Build bots” clearly placed on the site.

Create API Documentation

⛔ Always Check For Errors

There will always be something to modify, amend, or even eliminate no matter how many times you read a document. This is a regular phenomenon for authors, and it should not bother you.

Before it is purified, gold goes through multiple fiery furnaces. Let’s simply say your documents should go through a comparable procedure (albeit not in a hot furnace) in order to be well-prepared.

A thorough review process can assist you in minimizing mistakes and producing clear documentation.

🖼️ Leverage Interactive Examples

API documentation does not stop with textual guides. To demonstrate the API integration, you can use short videos or PowerPoint slides.

While writing the documentation, provide many use cases. This will assist readers in determining whether one is comparable to theirs or with which they can readily relate.

Include code snippets where and when you believe they are essential. This allows readers to follow along as they read through the material. As the common proverb goes, “I’ll forget if you tell me. I’ll remember everything you teach me. I’ll learn if you include me.”

Pinpoint Your Tutorials, Q/A, FAQs, etc

Your API documentation serves as a learning platform. So, you have to start from zero whenever you want to create API documentation for your business.

You can describe how to use your API, but illustrating how to utilize it is far more effective. Make tutorials for common project types and include links to them in your documentation. This Slack example displays the sorts of FAQs and lessons they are creating and marketing to assist educate people about their API.

Create API Documentation

Sell Your World Class Product With The Best API Documentation

Any documentation explains how a tool works so that others may use it correctly. API documentation is not always straightforward to develop, but it is not as complex as you may imagine. And with the help of BetterDocs, you can create knowledge-based documentation without coding. People from all over the world are using this plugin to power up their documentation sites currently

Just remember to start with your first draft, polish it on a regular basis, and seek assistance from mentors or senior colleagues when you get stuck.

So these are some essential tips on how to easily create API documentation easily. Give your feedback in the comment section. Subscribe to our blog and join our evergreen Facebook community for more exciting updates.

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