How To Write Apology Letter To Customers [Example Included]

Did your company make a mistake in delivering the right product? Or, has a customer service agent failed to provide the correct solution to a users’ queries? The best practice to resolve such problems is to write an exceptionally well-crafted and sincere apology letter to your customers.

write apology letter

Research shows that only 1 out of 26 of your customers will reach out to your support team when faced with an inconvenience. Others, on the other hand, will simply churn and choose to shift to other businesses in the industry. And when this happens, it is most likely that these users will never return. 

And so, in order to retain your customers and help provide the best customer experience possible, with this blog, we bring you the ultimate guide to writing apology letters with ease.

The Art Of Writing A Sincere Apology Letter To Customers 

To help you learn the art of writing a thoughtful letter of apology to your customers, we bring you a list of the best practices that you can follow. Use these steps given below and plan out an exceptional letter or email that is sure to win the heart of even the most disheartened customers:

🎯 Be An Empathetic Listener 

write apology letter

When your customers are displeased about a product or service from your company, they tend to reach out and file complaints with your customer support team. And in dire situations such as this, it is important to be an empathetic listener and hear out what your users have to say. Try to note down specific details and gather information as companies that are open to client feedback can easily use that to apologize accordingly and avoid disasters.

🎯 Consider Customers’ Perspective

The point of collecting information from your dissatisfied customers is to put yourself in your clients’ and users’ shows and understand what you need to do that would help to improve their customer experiences. Once you understand why your audience might be upset and how you can solve the problem, you will be able to plan out your apology letter and a proper solution.

🎯 Take Responsibility For Your Mistake

Regardless of the reason behind the fault, the worst thing you or your company can do is deny the mistake. Your customers will become more frustrated with your approach, leading to a higher churn rate. And so, it is crucial that you take responsibility for your mistake. 

Accept and acknowledge your mistake with sincerity. Be prepared to add the following direct messages to your letter such as:  

write apology letter

👉 We didn’t foresee this issue and are extremely sorry for the inconvenience.

👉 We are sorry that you had to face such an unfortunate situation due to any inconvenience on our part

👉 We weren’t prepared for this situation beforehand, forgive us and stay connected as we find a solution

However, you have to make sure that this acknowledgment or apology reaches your upset customers timely, and with much delay. It is okay if you apologize first, and take your time to come up with a solution with time. That way, you can calm your users and clients down first before they become more agitated. 

🎯 Explain Clearly What Happened

Once you have figured out what problem the customers were facing, you need to clearly explain why the issue arises in your letter. A transparent explanation can settle customer inquiries and help to understand why they should continue to put their trust in you.

However, keep your explanation brief and to the point. Ensure you are sharing enough information without much exaggeration. Try not to sound dismissive or as if you are trying to give an excuse. Your goal needs to be to rebuild the wavered trust with your customers, and only a sincere explanation with your apology in the letter can help you do that.

🎯 Offer Solution For Every Problem

One final aspect of your pardon or apology letter should be a promise to provide a solution or fix. Just figuring out what went wrong and providing an explanation for it is never enough to retain your customers in your business. You also need to pave a path forward which your company’s clients and customers can trust and hope for a better experience the next time they conduct business with you. 

The best way to show your customers that you genuinely care for them and have their satisfaction as your top priority is to offer them a dedicated solution for their inconveniences. It can be any of the following tried and tested fixes such as: 

👉 Replacements for recalled or flawed products

👉 Coupons or discounts for future purchases

👉 Internal investigations and better products with gift vouchers

👉 Changes to your company policies

👉 Refund or monetary compensation, etc. 

So, when you write a formal apology letter to your customers, make sure to offer a proper solution that promises your customers these mistakes will not repeat and they will get exactly what they are promised.

🎯 Ask For Feedback From Customers

write apology letter

When you send a professional apology letter to customers, it’s always a good idea to include feedback options. On the one hand, it shows that you care about how the customer feels. On the other hand, it directs their dissatisfaction into internal feedback channels instead of social media. And, yet again, it also helps you understand if they are acceptive of your apologies.

Things Not To Include In A Pardon Letter To Your Customers

Everything we have mentioned above will help you craft the perfect formal pardon or apology letter to your unhappy or dissatisfied customers. But it is also a good idea to know what not to include in the letter, in order to ensure you do not upset your customers even more than earlier. 

write apology letter

⚠️ While you should be promising to provide them with a solution or compensation for their loss of time and money, make sure not to make promises you may not be able to keep. Be sure of how much you can contribute and what are the actual requirements of the unhappy users, and plan accordingly. 

⚠️ Make sure not to belittle or dismiss your customers’ disappointment. For example, even if only a single customer faces the problem, do not write to them ‘None of our other customers have faced any problems regarding this issue’. One of the best practices of providing an exceptional customer experience is to prioritize every customer and their needs. 

⚠️ Again, do not defend yourself or minimize the problem. And similarly, do not make excuses for what has happened.

⚠️ And finally, do not over-apologize in your letter. Be sincere with your words and prove your company’s credibility with action instead. 

Apology Letters Types & Templates To Take Inspiration From

Now that you know how to craft an excellent pardon letter and also what not to write in your mails, let’s take a look at the different situations where you need to apologize to your customers.

write apology letter

🚨 Apologise To Your Customers For A Mistake 

When you own a business or company, an apology letter for a mistake can cover a wide range of wrongdoings, from sending a wrong product during shipping to running out of your raw materials.  

Either way, regardless of what the mistake may be, follow the steps given above and write a letter of apology to the affected users. This will ensure they understand what went wrong and why they should continue to purchase from you. 

🛍️ Write An Apology For Defective Or Insufficient Product

When your products or services don’t meet your customers’ expectations, it is essential that you reach out to your customers and set the situation right. Whether this situation arises when a defective product has been shipped or when an original product does not match the standards promised. 

Formal Pardon Letter Template # 1

Dear [Customer Name],

Thank you for letting us know about receiving a defective product, [Product Name], from our company [Company Name]. We are truly sorry that it did not work as we promised, and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you have faced due to it.

While all our products go through several quality checks before they are delivered to customers, this particular product must have slipped past our scrutinizing eyes. And we understand that it has not lived up to our standards or your expectations. 

To make up for this error, we have shipped you a replacement for the product [Product Name], which should arrive within the next 2-5 days at the same address. Simply return the one that you have previously received with the delivery man or service team.

We promise to provide you with a better experience going forward and ensure that the same mistake will not be repeated. But we also want to attach a gift voucher of $20 for your next purchase from us. Thanks again for bringing this issue to our attention, and please don’t hesitate to contact our support team again with any other concerns you may have.


[Name], [Title]

[Company Name]

⏳ Acknowledge A Delay In Providing The Service 

For business websites, shipping your products properly is a key aspect of providing a good service and an exceptional customer experience. If your products arrive late or are damaged or lost in transit, you’ll need to write a formal pardon letter to your customers. Without making excuses, provide some context to the problem and let customers know what they’ve done to remedy the problem and prevent it from happening again.

🤝 Craft A Pardon Letter For Poor Customer Service 

Regardless of what type of business or company you own, proper customer service and support is essential to keep your users happy and retain them in the long run. And it is crucial for the customer service agents or representatives to be well mannered and offer help whenever needed. 

But sometimes, a representative might come across as rude or unhelpful or unresourceful to your clients, website visitors, or customers. And the only way to make up for it is to send them a formal pardon letter addressed from higher-ups or managerial personnel of your company, on behalf of the agent in question. 

Formal Pardon Letter Template # 2

Dear [Customer Name],

On behalf of [Company Name], I want to sincerely apologize for the negative experience that you had with our customer service team with your latest purchase. I understand that our team was not helpful in resolving your issue and didn’t provide the level of service that you’ve come to expect from us.

We have failed to provide excellent, fast, and friendly service as we have promised. We do our best to train all of our representatives on how to properly handle customers’ issues, but we regret to admit that your concern was not handled properly. And for that, we are extremely sorry.

Going forward, we are going to take all the necessary steps to ensure that this situation does not repeat and all your queries, requests, and problems are handled with care. We will make sure the same sincere customer care is provided to all our users and loyal clients. And for starters, we are already hosting additional training sessions for customer service agents and preparing them in aspects as best as we can.

Thank you for trusting us and informing us of the issue. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly in the future if this or another problem arises again, but we will try our best to make sure there aren’t any.


[Name], [Title]

[Company Name]

💰Recognize & Fix Billing Issues With An Apology

Whether you bill a customer more than once or withdraw too much from their account, financial mistakes can have far-reaching consequences. Of course, you’ll need to fix the mistake as quickly as possible, but it’s also essential to use a business apology letter to acknowledge why the mistake occurred and make sure that it isn’t able to happen again.

Formal Pardon Letter Template # 3

Dear [Customer Name],

Thank you for contacting us regarding your recent billing error for the product(s) [Product Name(s)]. We are very sorry that you double charged for a single service.

We have investigated the problem and discovered that it was caused by a computer glitch in our billing program. However, we want to inform you that we have since upgraded to the latest update version of payment software and also set a quality control check to ensure that this never happens again.

Additionally, we have also refunded the additional amount, which should be available in your billing account within three business days. We apologize for any inconvenience this error has given you, and promise it will not occur again. 

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and assisting us in immediately resolving the issue. If you have any more questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


[Name], [Title]

[Company Name]

Inspiring Examples By Renowned Business To Follow

Before we conclude our detailed guide on how to skillfully write a sincere apology letter to your customers, we want to show you some examples. All these are creative yet formal letters from renowned companies apologizing to their users, clients, and customers. Take a look below: 

1) A Creative Newspaper Ad Banner As Your Letter Of Apology:

write apology letter

Source: RingCentral

Do not be afraid to be creative in your letters, even if you are trying to be professional and address the mass public, just like the fast-food restaurant chain KFC did. After running out of their supply of chicken, more than 900 KFC diners in the UK were temporarily closed, which led to quite a stir in their customer base. 

However, to apologize, the brand sent out a fun, light-hearted, and personalized banner on several social media platforms and in some newspapers and magazines. They owned up to their mistake and also informed their customers of the progress since the mishap, while also thanking them for their patience in bearing the eventful week with the company. 

2) A Personalized Letter Signed By The CEO Of The Brand:

write apology letter

Source: Tidio

Here, an apology letter by the brand Kohl’s to its customers for the late shipping of products around Christmas time. Since a delay in delivery time during the busy Holiday season is extra sensitive and may lead to many inconveniences, the letter is signed by the company’s president and CEO

Even the most agitated customers would be touched and pleased to be acknowledged by the chief of the company for their inconvenience. And similarly, you can send out letters personally signed by the C-Suite of your company to apologize.

3) A Fun Tone & Use Of Whopping Discounts For The Customer: 

write apology letter

Source: Tidio

And finally, we bring you a fun and colorful apology email from the Fab team after sending out a blank email with just an image of a cat. 

The company took this chance to apologize fast and quickly to its subscription list with two cat puns and a surprise 10% discount coupon, which is sure to grab attention in an instant.

write apology letter

And with that, we conclude our ultimate guide on how to write letters of apology to your company’s customers in times of difficulty. Hope it was helpful in preparing your customer service and support team on how to handle customers after making a mistake. 

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