Free Guide: 5+ Ideas of Gamification in Remote Support to Improve Engagement

The idea of gamification in remote support is all about using game design and mechanics to improve remote employees’ performance. This process can help you enhance engagement, motivation, and productivity among support employees. In this blog, get 5+ ideas on gamification in remote support to achieve these team goals. Take a deep dive into this blog now!

Ideas of Gamification In Remote Support To Improve Engagement

What Is Gamification for Employee Engagement?

Gamification in employee engagement refers to the use of game tactics in your traditional workplace to motivate employees, boost engagement and elevate overall work productivity. You can include points, levels, rewards, badges and leaderboards or implement other innovative ways to introduce fun in the workplace to reduce boredom and enhance employee performance. 

This is very functional for anyone who is working in marketing, customer support, or working remotely or others to encourage employees to feel more engaged and work more productively. Like if they get rewards for doing their task, it can influence and leverage their work performance. This is why gamification tactics are now one of the popular strategies to enhance employee engagement at work.   

80% of workers found that learning that was based on gamification helped them be more engaged when they got their work done compared to some of the traditional training.”

Get 5+ Ideas of Gamification in Remote Support to Improve Engagement

In this section, you are going to get 5+ ideas of gamification in remote support to improve engagement. Check all the details below:  

Points And Leaderboards

First, you can assign points to remote support employees for successfully resolving customer issues or completing tasks within a fixed timeframe. But it is important to promote healthy competition. Inspiring your team members by giving them points every time they make a positive impact on your business can improve your team’s performance as others will feel encouraged too, and leaderboards can highlight agents performing at the highest level.

Badges And Achievements

Another consideration is offering virtual prizes or badges for reaching particular milestones. Support staff members might receive badges, for example, if they finish advanced training courses, frequently earn excellent customer satisfaction ratings, or handle challenging problems. The employees could feel more eager and driven to meet your performance targets. 

Quests And Challenges

You can structure support tasks as quests or challenges. It can have varying levels of difficulty and support agents can earn rewards or progress right away. Accomplishing specific duties can help your employees have a sense of success. You can easily promote ongoing learning and skill development so that it can raise employee levels.

Interactive Training Modules

You can interactively plan your training process using gamification to engage your employees. You can include role-playing exercises, riddles, and quizzes. Your remote support teams can find this learning more interesting and pleasurable. As a result, it will help you to improve your team knowledge and skill retention.

Collaborative Problem-Solving 

You should use the gamification method to solve client issues and foster teamwork among customer service staff. Customer care representatives can collaborate to solve issues or exchange best practices and information by playing multiplayer games or challenges. Within the support staff, this promotes collaboration, communication, and a feeling of belonging.

🎁 Bonus Tip: Get Interactive Gamification Apps to Boost Your Team Performance

Here you will get some special gamification apps that can help you boost your team engagement and productivity. Check out the details below:   


Ideas of Gamification In Remote Support

Kahoot! is a Norwegian online game-based learning platform. This app comes with learning games, also known as “Kahoots”. You can easily create user-generated multiple-choice quizzes that can be accessed via a web browser or Kahoot! app. This app is free, all you have to do is to set interactive questions and create an ice-breaking section to inspire your remote support employees or your entire team right away. 


Ideas of Gamification In Remote Support

The language learning program Duolingo gamifies the process of learning a language boosts engagement and promotes practice. People “win” when they perform better on various tasks and objectives, and they can also pick up a new language. You can encourage your team to learn a new language, break their boredom at work and escalate productivity. 


Ideas of Gamification In Remote Support

Using the idea of a scavenger hunt, Scavify virtual software and platform creates gamification programs centered around different learning efforts. Scavify is made to provide longer-term, continuous programs for new hire onboarding and other training programs, in addition to shorter projects like corporate team development and engagement. This tool is simple to use, explore, and create a gamification strategy for your company that will increase team engagement. 

Try These 5+ Ideas of Gamification & Enhance Your Remote Support Performance 

Remote support can be made more enjoyable and engaging by using the idea of gamification. It can enhance the satisfaction and engagement of teamwork. Organizations can easily boost team morale, and productivity, and accelerate customer service by utilizing game features like points, leaderboards, badges, quests, and cooperative challenges.
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