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How to Configure & Style BetterDocs Category Grid In Elementor?

BetterDocs Category Grid lets you add the Grid layout of BetterDocs landing page documentation in your Elementor pages. You can easily customize it and style the layout as per your preference inside Elementor. It can come in very handy to display your knowledge base on any page you want. Check out this guideline below to see how to configure & style BetterDocs Category Grid:

How to Activate BetterDocs Category Grid #

To use this element, find the 鈥楤etterDocs Category Grid 鈥 element from the Search option under the 鈥楨LEMENTS鈥 tab. Simply just Drag & Drop the 鈥楤etterDocs Category Grid鈥 into the 鈥楧rag widget here鈥 or the 鈥+鈥 Sekcja.

BetterDocs Category Grid

After you are successfully done with step 1, this is how the element is going to look like.

BetterDocs Category Grid

How To Configure the Content Settings聽 #

You will get two featured sections in BetterDocs Category Grid 'Zadowolony' settings, 鈥橯uery鈥 and 鈥楲ayout Options鈥. You can configure both to organize your online documentation following some steps on the website.

Query Settings #

After getting all your documents in the grid layout, you can pick and display your desired document categories on the website through 鈥業nclude鈥 or 鈥楨xclude鈥 features.

BetterDocs Category Grid

Besides, you can organize your document by 鈥楪rid Per Page鈥, 鈥極ffset鈥, 鈥極rder By鈥 them with the name, slug, id, etc, and 鈥極rder鈥 with ascending or descending. Moreover, you can change the posts per page, order by and others from ‘Grid List Posts’ Sekcja.

BetterDocs Category Grid

Layout Options #

Once you have done with the Query settings, you can configure the 鈥楲ayout Options鈥 settings next to pick the 鈥楧efault鈥 or 鈥楲ayout 2鈥 design and accordingly change the 鈥楲ayout Mode鈥 to Grid, Fit to Screen, or Mansory.聽

BetterDocs Category Grid

Besides, you can choose how many 鈥楪rid Column鈥 you want to create that would showcase your document in the grid layout. Afterward, you can enable the header, icon, title, select the preferred title tag, show count, list, or button to make it well-organized and manageable for both ends. Moreover, you can change the content for 鈥楤utton Text鈥 tak偶e.

BetterDocs Category Grid

How To Style BetterDocs Category Grid #

Od ‘Style’ tab, you can style the BetterDocs Category Grid anyway you want and get your expected outcome.

Grid聽 #

The ‘Grid’ layout style allows you to add background to the BetterDocs Category Grid layout. If you want, you can add a background image or change its color as you wish. Besides, you can add borders, change the border-radius, grid padding, and spacing of the category grid layout as well.

BetterDocs Category Grid

Others #

There are several customization options presented in the 'Styl' tab. You can customize the ‘Title’ style by changing the typography and appearance of 鈥楴ormal鈥, 鈥楬over鈥 or both title styles color, background type,聽 and more to make each document title interactive for readers.

BetterDocs Category Grid

You can change the outlook of your grid layout total document number that appears on the top by using the 鈥楥ount鈥 style. Besides, you can configure 鈥楲ist鈥 i聽 Button both styles to give your document category grid a unique look.聽聽

Ostateczny wynik #

By following the basic steps and a bit more modifying, you can style your BetterDocs Category Grid as per your preference in Elementor.

BetterDocs Category Grid

By using BetterDocs Category Grid, this is how you can design an amazing knowledge base on your website and reduce the pressure on your support channel.

Getting stuck? Feel free to contact our amazing Grupa wsparcia for any assistance.

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