How To Add A Sticky Table Of Contents With BetterDocs?

Cu BetterDocs, you can add a sticky Table Of Contents (TOC) to your Single Doc page in Shopify. If you use multiple headings (or heading tags) in your documentation, this knowledge base app will include the headings inside the Table of Contents box that will stay afloat over the documentation page. The TOC allows your users to bounce back and forth between different sections in your document.

How To Add A Sticky Table Of Contents With BetterDocs? #

Follow the step-by-step guide below to learn how to add a sticky table of contents in single docs in just a few steps. 

Notă: You must have BetterDocs for Shopify installed and activated on your store to create the documents.

Step 1: Enable The Table Of Contents #

To enable and add a Table Of Contents in your single documentation using BetterDocs, you need to first navigate to the ‘Setări’ tab from the app’s homepage. Then, click on the ‘Table Of Contents’ option from the side panel. 

Sticky Table Of Contents

Switch ‘On’ the ‘Table Of Contents’ button will be ‘Off’ by default as shown above. You can directly click on the ‘Save Changes’ button keeping all the default settings as they appear, or configure the other options that appear as you need. 

Step 2: Configure The Table Of Contents #

After you enable the TOC, you can add a suitable ‘TOC Title’ to it to match your documentation. You can then turn ‘On’ or ‘Off’ settings options to apply the TOC hierarchy, make your TOC sticky, or display list numbers for the headings in the Table Of Content. 

Sticky Table Of Contents

To make your documentation more accessible on all devices, you can make the Table Of Contents collapsible on small devices. You also get the control to select which heading tags will be displayed on the TOC from the ‘TOC Supported Heading Tag’ option to highlight the necessary sections in your doc.

Sticky Table Of Contents

Step 3: Design The Table Of Contents #

Once you have enabled the TOC, you can design different aspects of the Table Of Contents to match your store’s branding. To do so, navigate to the DesignTOC Basic Options. 

Sticky Table Of Contents

Here, you will get many options to customize the table of contents, such as changing the Table Of Content width, the background color, content area padding, etc. Find out more from this documentation.

Sticky Table Of Contents

This is how easily you can add, configure, and design a Sticky Table Of Content on your Shopify account using BetterDocs.

Still, facing difficulties? Feel free to contact our dedicated support team.

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