BetterDocs for Shopify: Best Knowledge Base & FAQ App Got The ‘Built for Shopify’ Badge

We are extremely delighted to share that BetterDocs for Shopify, our complete FAQ knowledge base solution for the Shopify eCommerce platform has been awarded the prestigious “Built for Shopifybadge! 🥳

After months of hard work and dedication, we have been able to unlock this achievement and earn this recognition from the Shopify team. Let us dive right in to learn the importance of this badge and how excited we are to have achieved it. 

Built For Shopify Badge Unlocked

Biggest Achievement For A Shopify App: The Built For Shopify Badge

Just a year ago, Shopify announced the “Built for Shopify” program for apps to be built following Shopify’s own guidelines for quality, design, and performance. Once an app is built accordingly and applies for the badge, the Shopify team strictly reviews those apps based on predetermined criteria, and awards the apps that meets them all with the very exclusive recognition of being a Built for Shopify app. 

Of over 12,000 Shopify apps available on the Shopify App Store, approximately only 4% have been able to unlock the badge so far. After StoreSEO – our Shopify SEO App, BetterDocs for Shopify app just unlocked this badge, we are extremely proud of this achievement. 

Unlocking this app provides a testament that BetterDocs for Shopify is a fast, reliable, and exceptional experience for the Shopify community. Let us have a glimpse of what it means for you. 

Proven Useful App

We promised to provide the ultimate knowledge and FAQ management solution for the Shopify community. The Built for Shopify badge signifies that our app provides a top-tier experience to all users. 

Sleek Polarise Dashboard

One of the most important criteria we had to meet to unlock the Built for Shopify badge was redesigning the app with the Polaris design system. It allowed us to provide a native Shopify experience to you while using our app. With a smooth and consistent design throughout the app, you will have a smooth experience. 

High-Quality Standards

Once you are using a Built for Shopify app that means you are using an app that provides exceptional merchant experience. Since BetterDocs has now unlocked this badge, you can be proud of being a user of an amazing app that gives you a top-notch experience. 

Safe, Secure, and Reliable 

Only the apps that are safe, secure, and fast get the award of being a Built for Shopify app. We care about your safety and security and this badge makes us proud of our efforts. You can rely on us as your trusted knowledge and FAQ solution. 

A Quick Gimples To BetteDocs For Shopify Recent Updates 

Since the initial launch of BetterDocs of Shopify, we have developed so many useful features that will help Shopify merchants enhance their customer experience. Let’s have a look at the recently developed features in BetterDocs for Shopify below.

Completely Revamped Design 

BetterDocs for Shopify is fully revamped with the Shopify Polarise design system to provide an exceptional navigational experience for you. Months of hard work and collaboration made it possible to make the design live as per the Shopify guidelines. 

Built For Shopify Badge Unlocked

Along with the dashboard, now you will also get a native Shopify experience while you are designing your knowledge base and FAQs. Also, we have plans to make the design process even smoother with additional features. 

Built For Shopify Badge Unlocked

Built In Live Chat Feature

We have introduced Live Chat on BetterDocs for Shopify to help you connect with your customers at ease. You can now solve your customer queries by instant messaging right from the BetterDocs Dashboard. Lots of features are available now to help streamline your support team as well.

Built For Shopify Badge Unlocked

Enhancements & Updates

Each day, we are making BetterDocs for Shopify even more useful for our customers. We are constantly improving our app and enhancing its functionalities. As our beloved user, we promise to bring even more features in the coming days to help you build a complete help center on your Shopify store. 

What’s Coming Next In BetterDocs for Shopify 

So, we have just earned the most prestigious “Built for Shopify” award, which is the highest award a Shopify app can get. Stay tuned for more exciting features and improvements as we continue to strive for excellence in serving the Shopify community!

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