BetterDocs And WPML Partnership Announcement: Enabling Faster Documentation Translation

Today we are thrilled to share about an all-new BetterDocs and WPML partnership– BetterDocs is now much more accessible as you can completely translate your WordPress documentation in any language.

BetterDocs and WPML Partnership

People struggle to make their websites multilingual. And now with this WPML partnership, anyone can use BetterDocs in any language and easily set up all of their documentation for people from different parts of the world.

A WordPress knowledge base plugin helps people by making it easier for them to understand how to use a product. This partnership will help all of your website visitors to use it in different languages.

WPML automatic translation works like magic. You don’t need to go through the settings and figure out how to enable it. It will just take a few minutes to set it up and then you can translate your BetterDocs interface into more than 60 languages.

WPML: Best Tool For Creating A Multilingual WordPress Website

The most popular WordPress Multilingual Translation Plugin WPML is an essential tool when you want to run a multilingual website in WordPress. If you want to build a multilingual website, the WPML automatic translation will help to manage it like magic.

BetterDocs and WPML Partnership

BetterDocs Brings An Easy Way To Manage Multilingual Documentation

From the very beginning, we have been trying to bring you all the important features you need. Now with the WPML partnership, we would like to show you how it can enhance the experience of running a multilingual website. So let’s talk about what you will get for your WordPress knowledge base from WPML partnership.

BetterDocs and WPML Partnership

What To Expect From This BetterDocs And WPML Partnership

Now we brought you a more easy way to maintain your documentation. And if you have customers from different parts of the world then you need to make sure your WordPress knowledge base can help those people to understand your content in other languages.

BetterDocs and WPML Partnership

Auto Enabled Translate Option For Your WordPress Website

When you activate both of the plugins, WPML automatic translation will be activated instantly for your documentations. This makes it a more smooth and effortless integration.

Easily Translatable BetterDocs Interface For WordPress Users

When you activate the plugins, you can go to your user profile and change the entire language of the BetterDocs user interface. It can help a lot of people from different parts of the world to choose from their preferred languages.

To translate your documentation, you just need to activate WPML on your WordPress and go to the WPML tab in your WordPress admin panel. Now select String Translations and then search for the string you want to be translated. And then select the language and put the translated words there.

BetterDocs and WPML Partnership

Now go to your WordPress dashboard and select the language you want to translate the interface to and save the settings.

BetterDocs and WPML Partnership

New Process Of Translating With Recommended XML File

Now there is a new way of translating for your WordPress knowledge base. The new process uses XML files to translate. BetterDocs has some custom strings that are registered for translation which we have done in the new release. So now all the users can translate these strings through WPML > String Translator. We have updated the XML file and registered the strings for translation.

What’s Coming Next With BetterDocs?

Il BetterDocs and WPML partnership was made successful due to the dedicated efforts of both WPML & WPDeveloper teams. You can try out this  integration today for your knowledge base.

At BetterDocs, our ultimate goal is to help WordPress users to scale their website’s customer support and reduce support tickets using documentation. And we constantly try to bring new features to BetterDocs. If you have any feedback or feature requests, feel free to contact our support and we will get back to you.

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