How To Translate WordPress Website in 2024 – Easy Guide

Expanding a website’s audience is always desirable for any website owner and translating WordPress website can be a wise step in this regard. Are you interested in learning how to translate a website? We are here with a complete comprehensive guide for you.

Translate a website

When you own a website, you should always keep the visitors’ needs and demands in mind. It is not always necessary that all your users understand the language you use to create your website. So, translating your website is a very good idea if you want to make it easy for your visitors to understand what your website is all about.

Reasons Why You Need To Translate WordPress Website

There are many benefits of translating a website. Before moving to learn how to translate WordPress website, you need to know why we are emphasizing on it. Let’s find out the key reasons why you need to translate your website.

👉 Makes The Website Easy To Comprehend

If you think from a user point of view, you will be able to realize how overwhelming it becomes when you don’t understand a website due to the fact that it’s built with a foreign language you are not familiar with. Maintaining a website, especially when your business is global or international, means you have a large number of visitors who have different languages. Not everyone understands the language of your website.  So if you translate your website, it will be easy for people to understand what your website is all about.

👉 Ensures An Effective SEO Strategy

When visitors will find your website understandable in their own language, they will stick with it and spend more time on it. Oppositely, if they don’t understand, they will move away right after landing on it. This will create a negative SEO impact by increasing the bounce rate. Whereas, if you translate WordPress website, it will motivate them to visit your website more which will increase your website traffic and engagement leading to a higher SEO score and better ranking. For new international visitors, it will be easy for them to find your website when the content is translated and has SEO optimized keywords in it.

👉 Helps In Expanding User Base

The content of your website should be readable by your multilingual customers. Translating a website expands the user base and as more people find it easy to comprehend. It is a very effective approach to attract visitors of different languages. So if you want people from different parts of the world with different languages to visit your website and be your customer, you must consider translating the website.

👉 Contributes In Generating Sales & Revenue

Translating a website can help in accelerating the sales and revenue of your business as well. You can make your website readable for different audiences by translating it which is important for engaging them. This means you will get the scope to broaden your customer base. The more people engaged with your site, the more sales it will generate.

You can spread goodwill and confidence in your business organization by translating your website into the languages of your present and potential customers, partners, and investors. People feel more attached to websites in their languages. They are inclined to stay on websites that are in their native language rather than those that are in another language. Increased consumer trust, satisfaction and time spent on your site means more online traffic, revenue, and worldwide reach.

How To Translate WordPress Website With A Few Easy Steps?

Now that you know the importance of translating a website, it’s time to learn how to translate WordPress website. Many people find this to be a daunting task which is not. It can be time-consuming but It is very easy and simple, requiring you a few steps. We are using the WordPress Multi-language (WPML) plugin to translate the website.

Step 1: Install And Activate WPML Plugin

To use WPML to translate, make sure you have WPML Multilingual CMS and WPML String Translation installed and activated on your WordPress site. Check out this WPML doc for further details on the installation process and general translation capabilities.

Translate a website

Step 2: Select The Language Of Translating

After you’ve installed the plugins, go to WPML Setup in your WordPress admin and pick your website’s current language as well as the language you wish to translate it to. In this tutorial, we’ll choose ‘French’ as the language to which we’d like to convert our website. After that, you’ll be able to add or remove languages.

Translate a website

If necessary, you can always add or delete languages later. Click the ‘Continue’ button once you have chosen your site languages. Simply add your site key by following the WPML Setup wizard’s on-screen instructions. 

Step 3: Select The Option How To Translate

You will be asked how you want your website to be translated. You have two choices here: ‘Translate Everything’ or ‘Translate Some’. We are selecting ‘Translate Everything’. This is a pretty powerful function that will automatically translate all of your published or updated content. You can select ‘’Translate Some’’ as well to specify the pages/posts you want to translate.

Translate a website

Next, to enable translation for your site pages, navigate to WPML ⮕ Languages and include your preferred language, a set of active languages, and a language selector.

Translate a website

After that, you can go to the WPML→ Settings page. Configure the translation settings as you like. For instance, you can keep the ‘Advanced Translation Editor’ turned on from the Translation Editor section, as shown below.

Translate a website

Go to your WordPress dashboard and open the Posts/Pages that you wish to translate. A ‘+’ symbol will appear alongside your Pages/Posts, allowing you to create translated versions for each language that you have defined for your site. Simply select the language you want to edit and click the ‘+’ icon.

Translate a website

You must enable ‘Use WPML Translation Editor’ if you are redirected to the Page/Post editor, as seen below. This is the preferred technique for managing WPML translations.

Translate a website

When you click the ‘+’ symbol after completing the configurations in the preceding steps, you will be redirected to WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor. Consider the following example of how we might add a French translation:

Translate a website

All of the texts available for translation are displayed in the Advanced Translation Editor interface. You can add as many translations as you need in this section. Before you upload your translations, this is what you’d see:

Translate a website

Simply translate the Strings into the language of your choice. When you’re finished, make sure to check the box. Remember to click the ‘Complete’ button to make the changes permanent.

Translate a website

This is how your page/post will appear on your website for that particular language when you’ve finished translating in that language.

Translate a website

Thus following the easy steps you can effortlessly translate WordPress website and make your website more user friendly for different language users around the world. Your website pages, posts, and single docs; are all you can translate easily for your visitors.

Bonus: Translate Knowledge Documentations Now Easily

For all sorts of global businesses, translating knowledge documentation into multiple languages is important. It elevates your company’s standard to the point where you genuinely care about your consumers’ needs. It also aids you in being more professional and detail-oriented, allowing you to concentrate on each customer’s satisfaction. This also gives all language customers a sense of security and establishes your company’s credibility.

Translate a website

However, if you are looking forward to a solution that will help you create documentation for your knowledge base easily, you can use BetterDocs. BetterDocs lets you create well-organized documentation that has full compatibility with WPML. So, translating knowledge base documentations when you have BetterDocs is much easier.

Expand Your Audience By Translating Your Website Now

You can attract a significant number of visitors, customers and increase the traffic to your website which is important for taking your site to the next level. So anyone owning a large business or eCommerce website must consider translating websites sincerely for their audience. Let us know if you are using any better translating solutions for your website and share in our Facebook Community. Also don’t forget to subscribe to our blogs for more useful write-ups, updates and information.

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