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How To Translate Single Docs Of BetterDocs Using WPML

BetterDocs offers complete compatibility with the most popular WordPress Multilingual Translation Plugin WPML. It allows you to translate single docs of BetterDocs content into any language you want and use it on your multi-language website. Let’s follow the step by step guideline to translate single docs with WPML below:

Step 1: Configure Your WPML Plugin Settings #

To use translate single docs of BetterDocs with WPML, make sure that you have installed & activated these following plugins on your WordPress site: WPML  Translation Management plugin, WPML String Translation pluginSitePress Multilingual CMS plugin. For more information, you can check out this WPML doc to configure it on your WordPress site. Translate Single Docs With WPML

To enable translation for docs, navigate to WPML Settings ⮕ Post Types Translation ⮕ Docs. Make sure to select the Docs section and hit the ‘Save’ 按钮。Translate Single Docs With WPML

Afterward, navigate to WPML Settings ⮕ Taxonomies  Translation section. From there, you need to enable the ‘Docs Categories’, ‘Docs Tags’,  and ‘Knowledge Base’ options, and press the ‘Save’ button. Once you have done configuring all these options, hit the ‘Apply’ button to save all the changes.Translate Single Docs With WPML

Step 2: Translate Single Docs Of BetterDocs #

转到 BetterDocs ⮕ All Docs, click on any of your single docs there to translate it into your preferred languages.

From there, you will see a ‘+’ sign that represents different languages that you have picked. Afterward, simply add translation to your docs by clicking on the ‘+’ sign.

Translate Single Docs With WPML

For instance, you want to translate your single doc into the ‘German’ language. To do that, navigate to your preferred BetterDocs single docs and hit the ‘+’ sign that represents the German language editorial. Add your German translated content manually in the editor and save the changes.

Translate Single Docs With WPML

最终结果 #

By following these simple steps, you can see the successful translation of your preferred BetterDocs single docs using WPML.Translate Single Docs With WPML

This is how simply you can configure every single doc of BetterDocs in as many languages as you want with the help of WPML.

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