В чем разница между бесплатной и профессиональной версией BetterDocs?

BetterDocs lets you create stunning knowledge base and help your visitors to find the articles they are searching for instantly. With its free version, you will have the freedom to customize the Docs, Single Doc, Sider Bar, Archive page and Live Search option any way you want. It comes with lots of layout for you to easily choose from and design your pages the way you wish. Besides, you can use the Шорткодыto show the documentation in any page you want. You have complete control over how you want the content to appear from the Settings.

Whereas, BetterDocs PRO comes with amazing Drag & Drop Builder which lets you easily sort out the documentation and place them under any categories you want. Besides, you will get access to 2 more layouts for Single Docs with the Pro version. Besides, you can use its аналитика feature and keep track on how your docs are performing. You can easily take a glance on its graphical interface and see how your knowledge base is doing based on comparison factors such as Views & User Feedback.

Most impressively, BetterDocs PRO offers the «Мгновенный ответ» feature which basically allows users to instantly find the article they are searching for inside a chat bar. You can place it inside any page you want and thus, make it easily accessible to your visitors. Besides, users can even leave their feedback and email to your support team through ‘Instant Answer’ feature.

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