Top 7 Use Benefits Of Knowledge Base Tools For Your Business

If you want to enhance your customers’ experience and skyrocket your sales, knowledge base tool is one of the best options to accomplish both. And don’t worry if this is the first time you are looking for knowledge base tools, or you want a perfect solution! We are here to help you out with all the top 7 use benefits of knowledge base tools for your business. 

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Before the jumpstart, let’s find out which tools are considered best as a knowledge base solution.  A knowledge base is a tool that stores published documentation such as guides, frequently asked questions, integration guidelines, glossaries, troubleshooting instructions, and so on. 

How much influential effect knowledge base tools have on your website, check out this interesting statistic by Forrester

According to Forrester, 70 percent of customers prefer looking up answers on a company website rather than phoning or emailing.

Its goal is to make it easy for people to figure out problems on their own without asking for help. You can not only store documentation using knowledge base tools; you can also create new documentations with the same tool as well. 

Basic Features That Knowledge Base Tools Must Have

In order to choose the best knowledge base tool for your own service or product, it is important to choose the right knowledge base software. Let’s take a closer look at the immense possibilities that knowledge base tools provide. 

Knowledge Base Tools

Able To Create And Manage Multiple Categories

It’s pretty obvious that all documentation is not from the same category. For instance, some documentations are for documentation on configuration, some are for integration guidelines, and so on.

Knowledge Base Tools

Knowledge base tools enable you to categorize every documentation depending on the content. So your customers can find the documentation easily and instantly. Some knowledge base tools allow you to create multiple knowledge bases on the same website. 

Easy To Create And Import Documentations

As mentioned earlier, along with kkeeping documents, you can also edit, delete, import, or migrate from other knowledge bases directly into your knowledge base tools. 

Knowledge base tools aim at keeping their interfaces simple so that anyone can manage a website’s knowledge base efficiently. So you can easily import or export documents from knowledge base tools. 

Knowledge Base Tools

Live Keyword Based Search Functionality

When your customers are provided with fewer documentations, they can find the needed one easily. Did you ever wonder how long it would take if customers have to find a single document from 50 to 60 documents? 

That’s why almost all knowledge base tools keep the live search option. Customers can easily search the needed documentation based on keyword, category, title, and so on. 

Knowledge Base Tools

Collect Customers Feedback And Analyze Them 

Knowledge base tools are a great medium for collecting customer feedback. You can simply add customer feedback collection forms with every documentation. This will help you determine whether you need to update the documentation, product features, or many more.

knowledge base tools

Top 7 Use Benefits Of Knowledge Base Tools For Your Business

Hoping that you have got a clear idea about knowledge base tools features and functionalities. Whether you should go for a knowledge base tool or not depends on the benefits you are going to receive from these documentation tools. So we have listed down the top 7 use benefits of knowledge base tools for your business. 

Provide Your Customers Consistent Support

It’s not always possible to provide customer support instantly, especially when your niche customers are from around the world. So knowledge base tools can be a great solution to provide consistent help for any solution. Forbes statistics show that 40% of customers prefer self-service to human contact.

Knowledge Base Tools

Measure And Improve Customer Satisfaction

Knowledge base tools allow your customers to solve problems without your help. They can have answers before even asking for their problems. This helps you earn more customer satisfaction and loyalty, which leads to a better brand image for your products and services. Customer feedback can be easily collected through your documentation, so you can improve customer satisfaction even more.

Knowledge Base Tools

Increase Your Customer Retention Growth

Satisfied customers will be more inclined to come back for your products or services. According to experts, customers who are retained bring more profit than newly acquired ones. Moreover, retained customers work like brand ambassadors for your posts as well services. They may also refer your company to their friends and family. 

Knowledge Base Tools

Reduce The Constant Pressure On Your Support Team 

The support team is an integral part of any company. They have to undergo continuous troubleshooting and client problem solving. If you look up any company’s support tickets you will find most are asking about how-to guidelines.

Knowledge Base Tools

If you can provide enriched product and service documentations, then can ease some of your support pressure on an instance The support team can also easily resolve the tickets by giving the customers direct documentation links and work on other serious troubleshooting issues.

Enrich Product Quality With Direct Customer Feedback

Knowledge base tools ensure collecting feedback from the customers. This helps you to analyze whether customers can solve problems by reading documents or not. You can use these analytical data to improve your product’s features, quality, and so on.

Knowledge Base Tools

Get Help To Rank Higher In Search Engines 

The chances of ranking higher in search engines depend on many important factors. Some of them include the amount of resourceful content on your website, how many people go to your website via search engines, how frequently you post newer consents, etc. If you include knowledge base tools then it will help you with each of these key factors. 

 Additionally, if you can properly use keywords in your website, then you will be able to reach niche customers more easily.  Thus you can improve your website’s online visibility with knowledge base tools.  

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Grab Great Resource For Marketing Campaigns

In today’s digitalized world, data is the main resource for running marketing campaigns. Your knowledge base tools ChatBot supports can be used to collect your customers’ data including name, email address and location without costing an extra cent. You can use this data to run successful online marketing campaigns and leverage your company’s revenue.

Easily Train Newly Hired Employees 

The benefits of including knowledge base tools internally are immense. You can also train your team members or newly joined members with these documentations easily without wasting extra time.

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Moreover, the covid 19 pandemic situation has made most of our team members working remotely. So knowledge base tools can be a great resource to train your team about your products and services.  

Bonus: Best Knowledge Base Plugin For WordPress To Select For Your Business

Are you considering integrating knowledge base tools into your website? Then this section is only for you. If your website is WordPress built then there are plenty of knowledge base tools to go for. 

We have the best and popular knowledge base tool to help you today, BetterDocs. You will get a closer look below at what more it has to offer besides the basic knowledge base tool features.

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BetterDocs – The Best Documentation & Knowledge Base Plugin

BetterDocs is a powerful knowledge base tool to manage all of your documentation from one organized place. This WordPress plugin lets you create and organize your documentation page in an attractive way so that your visitors will find any help article they need easily. Your client will make faster decisions by making self-service decisions rather than having lengthy conversations.

Let’s explore the exclusive features that are available in BetterDocs for its users. 

📑 Manage Multiple Knowledge Bases from One Place

If you recall earlier mention of multiple knowledge bases, then this plugin will assist you to create them. If you have documentation of multiple types of products on one website, then you can create unlimited knowledge bases for each product. Also, this will help you organize documentation and will make finding desired documents easier for customers.

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💬 Integrated Instant Answer For Smooth Support 

You won’t need to implement any extra tools to handle instant messages on your website when you are using the Betterdocs knowledge base tool. You will get an instant Answer bot with your BetterDocs plugin. This chatbot offers customers search suggestions based on keywords. Additionally, your support team can directly integrate with the system, so that they can answer your customers’ questions instantly.   

Knowledge Base Tools

👥 User Roles Management For Distinct Activity

When you and your support team create, edit, manage and analyze every document’s performance, it’s important to assign different levels of users (editor, author, administrator, etc.) for each task. By assigning different roles, security can be maintained and individual contributions can be improved. BetterDocs offers this opportunity to its users.

Knowledge Base Tools

🖥️ Interactive Dashboard for Document Management

BetterDocs provides its users with an interactive UI dashboard. In the dashboard, you will find all categories and uncategorized documentations. If you are the BetterDocs Pro user then you will have access to this interactive dashboard. Simply by drag and drop, you can assign a category to each of your documents. Also, there is a dark mode available for its users.

Knowledge Base Tools

Get Started With A Knowledge base Tool

One blog is not sufficient to cover all the benefits of knowledge base tools. Knowledge base tools allow you to provide full support for your customers without even having to interact with them directly. To explore all the benefits of knowledge base tools, you have to integrate them into your website and start using them. 

BetterDocs will facilitate you to make use of all of these knowledge base facilities as well as with exclusive features. So to upscale your business, you can get started with BetterDocs.

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