How to Migrate From Existing Documentation Plugins to BetterDocs?

You can now migrate to BetterDocs from your existing documentation plugin. From the ‘Quick Setup’ wizard, you can simply import your existing knowledge base to BetterDocs within just a couple of clicks.

Once you have installed BetterDocs, you will be redirected to the ‘Quick Setup’ wizard. From the ‘Migration’ tab, make sure to mark the checkbox to start your migration from your existing Knowledge Base solution. Once you have done that, finish all the other steps and you will be all set to go.

Migrate BetterDocs

To avoid any sort of conflict, your existing third-party documentation plugin will be automatically deactivated and their existing docs will be ready to migrate to BetterDocs. You can then easily assign categories and tags to the articles and organize them the way you want.

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