How to Use Advanced Drag & Drop Builder to Organize Content in BetterDocs?

BetterDocs PRO comes with an advanced Drag & Drop Builder which allows you to instantly organize all your documentation. You can easily move any of your content to another category and sort them up as per your preferred order as well. Most impressively, you can add a new post, edit them or even delete your existing posts all from one place.

Before you begin, make sure that you have created some posts in BetterDocs and assigned categories in those posts. Once the posts are published, you will be able to view them in the BetterDocs Drag & Drop interface. For more details, you can check out our article on how to create and publish docs in BetterDocs. Now, let’s follow this below guideline to use the Advanced Drag & Drop Builder and organize your content in BetterDocs:

Navigate to ‘All Articles’ Page #

First of all, go to your WordPress Dashboard and then, navigate to wp-admin -> BetterDocs -> All Articles. From the ‘All Articles’ page, you will find the Drag & Drop Builder to sort out the documentation as per your requirements. You will find each of the documentation under its respective categories.

Drag and Drop Builder Docs

Move Docs From One Category to Another #

You can easily move your mouse over the doc which you want to move from one category to another and then simply drag & drop it your preferred category. It will be instantly saved. Besides, you can even sort out the order of the articles by moving them up or down as well.

Drag and Drop Builder Docs

Add a New Article #

At top of the screen, you will find the button ‘Add a New Article’ to create a new doc. You will then be redirected to the new article page from where you can create your new Doc. Alternatively, you can hit on the ‘+’ icon from the ‘Drag & Drop Builder’ to create new posts as well.

Drag and Drop Builder Docs

Edit or Delete Articles #

BetterDocs Drag & Drop Builder gives you the freedom to edit or delete your existing articles all from one place.

Drag and Drop Builder BetterDocs

This is how with the help of BetterDocs Drag and Drop Builder, you can organize your content instantly and create a stunning knowledge base for your end-users.

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