How To Design FAQs With BetterDocs For Shopify?

BetterDocs helps you design a trendy FAQ section for your Shopify store. You can easily create an eye-catchy and informative FAQ section with multiple layouts, colors, and icon choices.

How To Design FAQs With BetterDocs For Shopify #

Make sure you have installed & activated BetterDocs for Shopify on your store. Afterward, start following these simple step-by-step guidelines to design FAQs with BetterDocs for Shopify stores.

Step 1: Select FAQs From The Design Tab #

First, navigate to the Shopify app’s dashboard ‘Design’ tab interface. Select ‘FAQs‘ from the ‘PREVIEW’ section to start designing using BetterDocs, as shown below.

Design FAQs With BetterDocs

Step 2: Update The FAQs Design As Necessary #

Now, you can design every layout element of your FAQ page, from Title to Categories. Just click on each area you desire to change and start configuring it as your preference. Here, you will have these five different options to edit your FAQ:

  • Basic Options
  • Heading Title
  • Categories
  • Counter
  • FAQs
Design FAQs With BetterDocs

Configure Basic Options #

The ‘Basic Options’ will let you customize your content area width and padding options. You can choose how much space this FAQ section will take on your Shopify store’s selected page.

For example, we have configured the ‘Content Area Width’ and made a few changes in the ‘Content Area Padding,’ as shown below.

Design FAQs With BetterDocs

Design Heading Title #

From the ‘Heading Title’ section, you can customize FAQ’s header, sub-header font size,  color, and margin according to your store’s environment preferences. You can even change the background color of your main FAQ header section according to the layout.

Design FAQs With BetterDocs

Customize FAQ Categories #

Here from the ‘Categories’ section, you can customize the FAQ categories font size with colors to match your FAQ section and store brand image accordingly.

Design FAQs With BetterDocs

Customize FAQ Counter #

FAQ Counter defines how many FAQs you have enlisted under different categories. By configuring this Counter section, you can design its background color, counter size, and font size, as shown below.

Design FAQs With BetterDocs

Design Entire FAQ Section #

BetterDocs helps you design your FAQ questions and answers to reflect your brand values and images. Here, you can customize your FAQs font, toggle size, and icon size, expand or collapse icons with preferred options, and more.

Besides, you can choose colors for each section and make your questions and answers section interactive for your customers.

Design FAQs With BetterDocs

Step 3: Save All The Changes #

After customizing your FAQs design as needed, just hit the ‘Save Changes’ button.

Design FAQs With BetterDocs

Esito finale  #

The image below shows how your newly designed FAQ on Shopify will look to the store visitors and customers.

Design FAQs With BetterDocs

This is how easily you can design FAQs for your Shopify store using BetterDocs. 

Still facing difficulties in adding and designing FAQs? Feel free to contact our dedicated support team.

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