How To Integrate Messenger With BetterDocs For Shopify?

BetterDocs For Shopify lets you integrate Messenger into your Shopify store to help your customers communicate instantly with your support representative. This way, you can resolve your customer issues quickly, ensuring more customer satisfaction.

How To Integrate Messenger On Your Shopify Store  #

Before starting anything, make sure to configure the ‘BetterDocs Instant Answers’ chatbox on your Shopify store after installing & activating BetterDocs on your Shopify store. 

Afterward, follow the below guideline to integrate Messenger with BetterDocs For Shopify app. 

Step 1: Go To The Messenger ID Option #

First, go to BetterDocs’s ‘Settings’ area and select ‘Instant Answers’ from the left panel. Now click on ‘Contact Us’ to locate ‘Messenger ID.’

Integrate Messenger With BetterDocs

Step 2: Set Your Messenger ID #

Now, set your messenger ID or page link in the ‘Messenger ID‘ field. Then click the ‘Save Changes’ button.

Integrate Messenger With BetterDocs

Esito finale #

Once you integrate Messenger into your Shopify store, customers can find it in the Instant Answer chatbox when they visit your Shopify store. This feature will be available under the ‘Contact Us’ area for both the ‘Answers’ and ‘Ask’ tabs.

Integrate Messenger With BetterDocs

Now your customers can easily contact you over Messenger and communicate with any of your customer support representatives anytime.

Integrate Messenger With BetterDocs

This is how you can integrate Messenger with BetterDocs for your Shopify store using BetterDocs.

If you still face difficulties in integrating Messenger, feel free to contact our dedicated support team.

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