How To Configure Feedback Section With BetterDocs For Shopify?

Con BetterDocs For Shopify, you can get user reviews easily without any coding. You can enable this option simply from the BetterDocs homepage. Follow the instructions to discover how to get feedback with BetterDocs. 

How To Configure Feedback Section With BetterDocs? #

Follow the step-by-step guide below to learn how to configure the feedback section for your knowledge base with just a few steps. 

Note: You must have BetterDocs for Shopify installed on your store.

Step 1: Enable Feedback From The Homepage #

First, navigate to Settings→ Instant Answers→ General Settings from the Shopify homepage. 

Feedback Section

Click on the ‘Enable/Disable’ option to activate instant answers from BetterDocs For Shopify. You will be redirected to your store page. Here, simply toggle on the ‘Risposta istantanea’ option to enable the feature. 

Feedback Section

Now go back to the ‘Settings’ page and navigate Instant Answer→ Reaction & Feedback. Toggle on the ‘Display Feedback Tab’ and press ‘Save Changes’. 

Feedback Section
How To Configure Feedback Section With BetterDocs For Shopify? 7

Step 2: Fully Customize Your Feedback Section #

You can customize your Feedback form any way you like. Easily set your preferred Subject, Success Message Description, Success Message Title, Submission Button Text, and much more. 

Feedback Section

You can easily see the parameters you have set on your feedback form. Simply click on the ‘Chat’ button and switch to the ‘Ask’ tab. Here you can see your added fields. 

Feedback Section

Step 3: View Customer Feedback In BetterDocs #

To see your customer feedback, go to the ‘Feedbacks’ tab. Click on the message to evaluate your customer feedback. 

Feedback Section

This is how you can easily configure the BetterDocs feedback section with BetterDocs For Shopify app. 

For any difficulties, feel free to contact our dedicated support team.

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