How To Configure Documentation Homepage & Single Page in BetterDocs

How To Configure Documentation Homepage & Single Page in BetterDocs #

BetterDocs comes with a default Documentation Page Layout. However, you can choose to disable it at any moment and use your own layout.

Configure Documentation HomePage

  • Open your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to BetterDocs>>Settings>>Layout.
  • From here you can toggle on/off Live Search, Masonry Layout, Post Count and the Explore More Button. If you wish to use any other Button label, simply write in the text inside the ‘Button Text’ field. 

  • You can also adjust the number of columns and the number of posts under each column.

Once you are done tweaking the Documentation Homepage you will have something like this.

Configure Documentation Single Page

  • To configure the Documentation Single Page navigate to BetterDocs>>Settings>>Layout. Scroll down until you see the ‘SINGLE DOC’ option.

  • The options here are self-explanatory and you can enable/disable the features by using the toggle button. 

Once you are done adjusting the layout the Single Doc Page should look something like this.

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