How to Sort & Organize Documentation in BetterDocs?

How to Sort & Organize Documentations in BetterDocs? #

To Sort Docs you need to assign the right Categories to them. Once you have done that, BetterDocs will know that certain Docs are homogenous and will place them inside one box.

  • To enable Sorting, first, open your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to BetterDocs>>Categories. Create as many categories as you need.

sort & organize categories BetterDocs

  • Afterward, as you are writing and publishing new Docs, assign them the right Categories. Now visit the Docs Page and you will see all the Docs sorted under assigned Category Names.

This is how easily you can sort & organize all documentation categories with BetterDocs and make your knowledge base more user-friendly for the audience. 

If you face any difficulties, feel free to contact our support team.

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