How to Remove Branding of BetterDocs?

BetterDocs offers the white-labeling option. So, you can easily remove Branding for any package in BetterDocs. For Single Article, you can disable it from Layout Settings.

Go to WordPress Dashboard → BetterDocs → Settings → Layout → General. From the ‘General’ section, you can disable Credit from here. Make sure to hit on the ‘Save Settings’.

Remove Branding BetterDocs

To remove branding from ‘Instant Answer’, go to WordPress Dashboard → BetterDocs → Settings → Instant Answer → Single Doc.

Then, from the ‘Single Doc’, make sure to turn off the Branding toggle to make it ‘Disabled.’ Hit on the ‘Save Settings’. BetterDocs branding will be removed from Instant Answer as a result.

Remove Branding BetterDocs

That’s how you can simply remove branding within a few steps. Getting Stuck? Feel free to contact our dedicated support team for further assistance.

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