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What is Sticky Table of Contents (TOC) & How to enable it in BetterDocs?

What is the Sticky Table of Contents (TOC)? How to enable it? #

TOC stands for Table of Contents. In many instances, you might need to use different Heading Tags inside your Doc. If you use multiple headings BetterDocs will include the Headings inside a Table of Contents (TOC) Box that will stay afloat over the Documentation Page. 

The benefit of the TOC is your users can easily jump back and forth between Headings inside your Doc.

 How to Enable BetterDocs TOC? #

  • To enable the TOC option first pen your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to BetterDocs>>Settings>>Layout.

From there make sure  ‘Enable Table of Content (TOC)’ and ‘Enable Sticky TOC’ options are toggled on.

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