How to Avoid Sticky Table of Content From Overlapping in BetterDocs?

Due to different themes, you could encounter a Sticky Table of Content overlapping with your header menu or footer. However, BetterDocs gives you the flexibility to increase the z-index of Sticky TOC so that it doesn’t overlap any section of your WordPress Knowledge Base website.

To increase the z-index of Sticky TOC, go to your WordPress Dashboard -> BetterDocs -> Design -> Customize.

Sticky Table Of Content

Afterwards, go to the ‘Single Doc’ page. From the ‘Table of Content’ section, you will find options to increase the z-index of the Sticky Table of Content. Simply use the ‘Sticky TOC z-index’ option to increase the value, and you will be good to go.

Sticky Table Of Content

This is how you can avoid Sticky Table of Content from overlapping with other sections of your WordPress website in BetterDocs.

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